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Hey Mom - How About Having the Kids Make Presents This Year?

If you are like most people the budget is tight this year. The holidays are coming up and that means extra expenses. Are you looking for ways to cut down a bit on your spending? A great way to do that is to have your kids, or better yet, you and your kids make gifts for people this year. People always say that the thought and effort put into a homemade gift means more to them than a purchased gift so why not give it a try? It can be great fun and you will be teaching your children a valuable lesson about giving of themselves.

Hey Mom - How About Making the Halloween Costumes This Year?

Are you looking to save some money this Halloween? Halloween costumes are expensive and usually cheaply made. Many Mom's think they are a waste of money but are afraid to make them because they don't really know how to sew. No Problem! There are lots of costumes you and your kids can make with stuff you already have at home. Creating your own is a big money saver and kids can join you in making them. I will give you a few ideas to get you started and I bet once you get going you will think of a lot more you could do on your own.

Hey Mom - Are You Ready For The Change to Colder Weather?

Fall is here and the kids are playing outside in the cooler weather. It is delightful and exhilarating. They come in rosy-cheeked and smelling of leaves and crisp air. You have already settled into the schedules of the new school year and are probably beginning to anticipate the coming holidays. Are you ready for the cold weather and all that that entails? Most kids don't play outside as much in the cold winter, so what are you doing to get ready for the long hours indoors? Is there something you could be doing now to help you keep your sanity later?

Hey Mom - Are Your Kids Learning to Be Good Communicators?

Do you every wonder about what all of the solo video games, text messaging and computer based pass-times are doing to our children's communication skills? I do and I bet you do too. I am not saying that we should ban such things - we couldn't even if we wanted to. They are too much a part of our society and of our kids' expectations and experience for us to do that. We do run the risk though of having generations of children who have not learned to carry on a deep, articulate and comprehensive dialogue with another individual or group of people.

Hey Mom - How About Some Fall Crafts For Kids?

Fall is a busy time for kids. They have just started school and are working to get back into that routine. Lots of sports are in full gear. It's time for music lessons, art classes - you name it. Kids today are into all sorts of activities. They are programmed to be busy all of the time. Many parents like their kids to take a break from all of that and to have some real old fashioned play time. They want their kids to get outside and enjoy playing in the nice fall weather before they are cooped up in the house during the cold and inclement winter months. Here are a couple of art ideas that combine play with creativity.

Tips to Select a Good School Bag

If you have a child who will go to school, you need to prepare the use of school bag because this kind of bag will help your child to bring any stuff for the school. In this case, it is important for you to select the right school bag that is really durable so you can make it last for a long time and it will fulfill the needs of your child. If you would like to get enough knowledge to choose the right collection, this article will give you some easy tips to select it rightly.

Hey Mom - Got the Money Blues?

Many stay at home Moms worry that since they are not contributing financially to the support of the family that they are not entitled to spend any money on themselves. Even if money is tight that is not true. First, you are part of a family and every member of the family needs and deserves to have things. Second, stop and take a look at what you are contributing to the family. If you cost it out you may be surprised at your contribution. It would take a lot of money to replace the services that you provide your family.

Conscious Mom

Hey Moms! I was thinking this morning about how I get up, put the dog out, make coffee and settle in to checking my email - all pretty unconsciously and I began to wonder how much of our lives are spent that way. How much is rote, routine and semi-unconscious? I also began to think about how effective and efficient I am being when I am in that state. It makes me wonder how much of my life - at least regarding my daily routines - are spent in a semi-conscious state. What am I missing that I could be more attuned to? How is this working for you as a mom?

Mom Stress - Is It Getting You Down?

Hey Mom, is mom stress getting to you? It is hard to believe that still so many people think that, "mom's don't have any thing to do - ha ha - so they can't possible be stressed. It must be in their heads!" Those people have never had children or tried to run a houshold and have a job too. While raising children and having a home are real joys they can also result in some stressful times. He

Taking a Guilt Trip? How to Unpack Your Bags

Mom's are notorious for going on guilt trips. I personally think they are a waste of time and effort. If you can do something about what you feel guilty about do it, if you can't do something about it let it be. In either case, drop the guilt trip. It only zaps you of energy and creates drama in your life.
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