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Dealing With Change In Retirement

What to Do in Retirement - Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Retirement

Retirement is an opportunity to re-think your life and do something different. You can find new things to do and explore, do things you've been putting off for years and realise that it's a time to make up for lost time and get on with what you want to do. Get fit. As you get older you may become prone to illnesses and find that you begin to deteriorate physically and mentally too.

Retirement: What Will You Do All Day?

Do you ever wonder about retirement and what it will be like not to go to work any more? When I say 'go to work' I'm referring to working for an employer. Many people do work after retirement but this may be setting up their own business, doing voluntary work, and doing whatever it is that you really feel drawn to doing.

Things to Do in Retirement - 10 Ways to Stay Busy in Retirement

If you wonder what to do when you retire to keep busy, here are ten ways to stay busy in retirement. Volunteering to help in whatever way you feel able to is a great way to depend time when you retire.

Retirement: Decide What You Really Want And Start To Do It

When you retire from work it is very important to make some decisions about how you will spend your time so that you don't find yourself wasting your precious days. Of course there is a balance to be struck between enjoying your greater leisure time and aimlessly passing the days doing very little at all.

Can You As a US Retiree Bring Your Physical Gold With You to Your Expatriate Living Destination?

Trying to find an satisfactory answer to the question of whether you as a retiree can transfer your physical gold from the U.S. to another country frequently generates more questions than answers. Physical gold restrictions may be related to bringing gold into a country, taking gold out of a country, or both. Laws related to any type of currency or monetary transfers are constantly changing. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are often excluded from these restrictions, but don't get caught in the middle of a regulation change.

What Are Some Possible Personal Vulnerabilities That Could Affect Your Expatriate Living Lifestyle?

We can never plan for every contingency in life wherever we might live. That goes for home and abroad. Murphy's law seems to follow us wherever we go. Increasing vulnerabilities seem to be particularly prevalent among retirees. If we are aware of some likely vulnerabilities we might face in our expatriate destinations, it makes it a lot easier to prepare beforehand. A few of these vulnerabilities and some possible preparation measures are discussed here. Becoming more self-reliant is never a bad idea.

Retirement - What Could You Do During the Day When You No Longer Go to Work?

For some people the thought of retirement fills them with dread, especially if they have got into a habit of not going out much except for going to work and perhaps going to church or other religious places of worship. They become very worried about how to fill their days once retired and even if they have plenty to do perhaps in relation to caring for their grandchildren there are a lot of hours when they are at school or in bed and the days seem to stretch out filled with emptiness.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Retirement Coaching

You have probably heard about Life Coaching and may have been wondering if it might be useful for you in retirement but something has held you back from exploring the option of hiring a coach. You may wonder if it's too late in your life to make significant changes and if you might benefit from coaching because you may believe that you should be able to sort things out for yourself without involving someone else, especially someone who doesn't know you and who you might never meet except on the telephone.

Opportunities For A Life After Work

For some people one of the biggest worries about retiring from work is whether they will have enough to do all day. They believe that since their work has taken up the majority of the hours they have each day, that not having such a routine will mean they will have little to do and subsequently may be bored because they miss their work so much, even if merely as a way to fill the hours each day. So these people, and perhaps you are one of them, miss the opportunities available once you retire for a new life after...
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