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ICFs Work in Any Climate

Where do you live? Is your region of North America known for extreme temperatures, strong winds, or a lot of precipitation? What type of climate does your home need to stand up to? Houses today have to keep its occupants comfortable while being efficient.

The Sound Resistance Benefits of ICF Wall Systems

Homeowner satisfaction, particularly in urban areas, is critically dependent upon noise reduction. Fortunately, modern building technology has created new insulated wall systems which provide better soundproofing than conventional framing techniques.

The Fire Resistance of an Insulated Concrete Form House

Of all the construction materials used today, concrete is one of the most resistant to fire. This fire resistance gives the insulated concrete form house important safety advantages over traditional wood frame structures.

Concrete for Commercial Building

Commercial buildings need to be built solidly, insulated well, and be very versatile. If a commercial building is not built with all of these critical components, eventually the owner will be unable to make money from the building. Retail investors know that the building they are purchasing must have the ability to stand up to weather, energy crunches, and picky clients.

Insulated Builders Are Advanced

People looking to create a new structure have a lot of choices to make. This is true for someone building a new home, or a business looking to build a new commercial center. The first choice that must be made is who will be actually building the structure.

Polystyrene in the Walls Makes an Awesome Home

The traditional home built in the United States has two by four wood studs as its core. These studs are then covered and stuffed with different items like drywall, siding, fiberglass insulation, etc. These types of walls have been the standard for many years. But, construction is evolving, and modern advances are making it possible to improve, in fact replace, the standard.

A System Is Better Than Piecing a Wall Together

The normal construction of a house wall is done by cutting pieces of wood to a desired length, nailing the wood together, connecting the wood frames together, filling the spaces between the wood with insulation, sealing the wood and insulation with a vapor barrier, and then connecting a finishing material like drywall or siding. Because this traditional form of constructing a wall depends on a variety of pieces and materials mistakes can happen, or one missing item can slow the construction process.

The Varying Uses of Slate in the Home

Slate is an extremely durable material which is completely natural and brings beauty, elegance and style to any home or installation. Slate is eminently suited for installation in any part of the home; the kitchen, the bathroom, hallway, stairs, the living room or any part of the house.

Things to Consider in Concrete Pavings

Looking to find a way to add value as well as update the look of your home? Concrete pavers are a beautiful way to update your landscape. While this may not be an inexpensive project it will be one that is rewarding not only in looks but in longevity.
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