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Your House Is Only As Strong As Its Foundation

You want your home to last a lifetime, and that's only possible if it stands on a strong foundation. Your basement walls have a tough job. They must support the house, withstand the pressure of the earth around them, and keep out moisture which can lead to deterioration, mold, and mildew.

Can Basement Walls Be Fixed With Minimal Yard Damage?

If you have a basement in your home, then you are probably well aware of both the benefits and the drawbacks of having such an arrangement. On the one hand, a basement can be great for extra storage, as a place for the kids to get out of your hair, or perhaps as a place for a laundry room or an additional bathroom. However, despite all these uses for your basement, it probably inevitably suffers from some common problems.

Penetrating Dampness Treatment

Before taking any action, you must need to confirm that the cause of dampness is water penetration and not the condensation or rising damp. With cavity walls is easy to diagnose the penetrating damp than solid walls.

ICFs - Foundation to Walls

When a person makes a commitment to invest into building a new home he or she understands that the building process will happen in a step by step process. After the loans are cleared and a plot of land is selected and approved with the necessary permits, the land itself is excavated.

High Tech Walls That Are Easy to Construct and Better Than Wood

Most people do not consider the walls of their homes or the buildings they work in to be major advancements in technology. The walls are simply walls - nothing more, nothing less. But, a wall built in 1902 is different than a wall built in 1954, and the 1954 wall is substantially different than a wall built today.

Can Grading Problems Be Fixed at an Existing House?

Ever wondered about the average number of storms that hit the country in a year? These are the things that we do not give particular attention to until disaster strikes.

Always Exceed the Minimum Requirements For Residential Grading

Residential grading and Basement waterproofing are becoming more significant in maintaining the basement of a house. The foundation of a house depends upon the basement and its effective construction. Many people are not aware of basement waterproofing but it is always a good idea to start thinking of renovating your basement as early as possible.

Factors Causing a Wet Basement

Wet basement is common issue for many homeowners. Wet basement causes a lot of repair work each year and gradually lessen the value of the property. Wet basement can be for many reasons.

A Waterproofing Company Can Fix Your Soggy Basement

Basements are wonderful and give a home extra space for living, storage or play. However, it is common for them to develop problems and allow water to seep into them during rainy weather. A damp soggy basement can be aggravating and make the area virtually useless.

Choosing a Company For Your Foundation Repairs

For many, their home is the biggest investment they will make in their lives. Therefore, when it comes time to conduct repairs on your investment, you want to make certain they are handled with care, and by the most knowledgeable and highly skilled hands available.
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