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Stone Brick

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Why Not Compliment Your Home With A Brick Walkway?

Brick walkways and patios evoke the feeling of a bygone era, a golden time of progress and certainty and can imbue your yard and garden with a similar feeling of steadfast permanence. Using brick in landscaping is always a good option, but particularly appropriate when paired with a brick home. It can turn a drab, dull, or awkward outdoor area into the favorite family room.

Get Inspired With the Natural Beauty of Flagstone

Deciding what kind of rock to use in your landscaping project can be a difficult task. You have to take into account a number of things such as color, shape, natural patterns, breakability, and how the stone will withstand natural weathering and erosion.

Nothing Can Compare to the Beauty of Flagstone

When you want to add a distinctive flair to your home, consider some projects using natural stone and flagstone pavers. Well planned beds of flowers, shrubs and trees can make a yard appealing.

Natural Lime Mortar on a Chimney Cap?

Hydraulic Lime Mortar for use on a chimney cap can be a controversial subject, especially for those tried and true Portland mason's. But Portland has only been around for a hundred years so how were chimneys capped before?

Types of Stone Countertops and Floors

When it comes to installing countertops and floors in your house, there is a lot variation that you will find in the market. You can find countertops made out different stone, having different colors and with different marbling patterns. All these factors result in a range of choices that are available to you once you have to decide about getting a countertop or a floor.

Natural Stone Fireplace - Wows and Ows

Natural stone is a wonderful choice of materials if you want a great look and without using heavy materials. Natural stone is also called thinstone because of it being lightweight. It is versatile when talking about colors and textures and can endure various environmental conditions.

Tips For Buying the Right Stone Countertop

The use of any stone can add a lot of grace to your home. Although most people prefer marble, granite is also a stylish stone that is reliable and comes in variety of styles and colors. Often, granite or marble tops are used in bathrooms and washrooms.

Cleaning and Repairing Your Chimney Properly

Homeowners that have a fireplace should make chimney cleaning and repair a priority. Chimneys accumulate a significant amount of dust, debris and particles. These substances can build up over time making it very difficult for smoke and soot to escape as it is suppose to. In some cases, a vent can become clogged or blocked resulting in a fire.

Repairing Chimney Flashing Yourself

In most construction the chimney is not attached to the frame of the house. And this makes the area around the chimney vulnerable to leaks over time as the house settles. If you are noticing water spots on the ceiling near the chimney area, it is a good indication that there is a problem with the chimney flashing. And it might be time to make some repairs.
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