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Crystal Windows: Low Maintenance Garage Doors.

Established in 1985, Crystal has a good customer service record and installs Double Glazing, Roofline, Garage Doors, Solar, Air to Air Heat Pumps and Thermodynamics in Essex, Romford, Brentwood, Ilford and Walthamstow.

Crystal Windows: Double Glazing manufacturer and installer.

Crystal Windows is a Double Glazing manufacturer and installer that also specialise in, Roofline, Solar Panels and Garage Doors. We have built a strong reputation in Essex, Romford, Brentwood, Ilford, Walthamstow, London and the South East of England.

Facts About Window Blinds And Shutters

There are some interesting facts about window blinds and shutters and most home owners don't know it. They don't know that these simple window accessories can help reduce their monthly air conditioning bills by a good margin. They also prevent the heat of the sun from damaging your furniture and are very helpful in lowering the temperature inside the house.

The Advantages Of Tinted Window Film Systems

Truth be told, having tinted window film systems has a lot of pros to offer you. The list is utterly long and it will convince you to have your windows tinted. What's more appealing about tinted windows is that even the government highly approves of the tinted films benefits, which is a good feedback indeed.

Double Glazing Is Better For The Environment

Climate change and carbon emissions are hot topics amongst governments across the globe. This is because they are both seen as damaging for the environment, potentially putting the planet under threat in coming years. This is hence the reason why all homeowners are now being encouraged to take green measures at their home so that we can fight back against such problems. The easiest and most efficient way that you can make a difference is by replacing your old windows.

Years Of Comfort With Double Glazing

Double glazing is nowhere near the top of many peoples priority list when it comes to home improvements, but it should be if you do not currently have it installed in your property. Old windows just do not have the energy efficiency required to help keep your home warm throughout the year. They also tend to age very quickly, with rotting, flaking and warping becoming a serious issue on a regular basis...

Avoid Bogus Double Glazing

Within the past few days there have been reports that a bogus double glazing firm in Leicester has been cold-calling homeowners and threatening them if they do not invest in new windows. One man was even given a death threat if he did not part with his cash for a set of replacement windows. This is extremely damaging to the industry as over the past few years a lot has been done to restore its reputation.

Double Glazing Is Well Worth The Money

When people hear the words double glazing it fills many of them with dread. Not only does it give off connotations of the local supplier turning up on your doorstep badgering you to buy new windows, but the cost is also enough to put many people off. However, many people are now aware of the many different benefits they can bring and although they will cost you a decent amount of money initially, that money can be recouped and added to even further.

Prevent Energy Leakage In The Home With Replacement Windows

If you have noticed in recent times that the cost of your energy bills has risen significantly, it usually means that your home is not energy efficient enough. The blame can usually be pointed towards your windows, especially if you still have your old timber windows in place. Such windows only come with one pane of glass fitted and the frames used tend to weaken as they age, therefore letting heat pass through them.

Overcome Cold Weather And High Energy Bills With UPVC Windows

When you mix cold weather with households, it usually results in one conclusion, high energy bills. In order to compensate for any cold that gets into the home because of poorly made windows and doors, we usually resort to turning up our heating. This is part of the reason why the cost of heating homes has increased so much in recent years, as supplies of it have begun to disappear. Such prices can be avoided when you replace all the traditional windows in your home, or even just those that are currently placed in the main rooms of the property.
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