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How to Increase the No Claims Discount on Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy

The "No Claims Discount" or NCD is one of the critical marketing concessions within the motor trade insurance industry. It is meat to reward drivers with a good record and consequently penalize those drivers that are found to be committing many mistakes on the road. Insurance companies are committed to reducing the risks that are associated with providing cover for any individual or entity.

Insuring Your Classic Car

When purchasing insurance for your classic car, it is important to understand the difference between actual cash value and agreed value prior to making your purchase. Actual cash value is the normal way that insurance companies insure cars, it is based on the replacement cost less depreciation. When insuring your classic car, you may want to consider agreed value. Agreed value is basically an amount that the insurance company and the person being insured agree the car is worth. A contract is signed with both parties agreeing on the value. It is important to know that standard insurance companies might not be the best place to insure your classic car. They sometimes put restrictions on their insurance, and it may be worth your while to look at companies that specialize in insuring classic cars.

What Is an SR-22? Your Questions Answered

While not everyone needs an SR-22, enough people do that there have been plenty of questions about what an SR-22 is, who needs one, and what it takes to get one. An SR-22 is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) that proves that you have auto liability insurance.

The Benefits of Using an Auto Insurance Broker

We see a lot of television commercials about using online services to find the best car insurance rates. We have little lizards telling us how easy it is, we have cavemen telling us how easy it is, and we have a perky girl in an apron extolling the virtues of working directly with an auto insurance company. What about those tried-and-true insurance brokers who find insurance policies for you? Are they a benefit or a drain on your hard-earned money?

Insurance Information - Insuring Your Car

When buying insurance for your vehicle, there are many things to think about. One of the big things is to think about your deductible amount. Deductible is the amount that you pay if you have an accident, theft or etc. with your car. The insurance company kicks in after the deductible is paid. Choosing a higher deductible can reduce the amount of your premium considerably. For example, if you choose a $500 deductible instead of a $200 deductible, you can lower the cost of your premium by as much as 30%. You have to consider that you are going to have to pay the amount of your deductible, say it's $500 before your insurance kicks in, so be prepared for that. But think about having even a $1,000 deductible that could reduce your premium by as much as 40%. That's pretty huge.

Classic Car Insurance

When buying insurance for your Classic Car, there are three things to consider in regards insuring of the vehicle. Actual cash value, stated value and agreed value. Actual cash value is the normal way that insurance companies insure the car; it is based on replacement cost minus depreciation. It is agreed value you are looking for when insuring a classic car. The insurance company insuring the classic car settle on an agreed value with the car owner. A contract is signed with both parties agreeing on the price and then, if the car is stolen or totaled, that price is paid to the owner from the insurance company. It is important to know that your typical car insurance company might not be the best company to insure your classic car. They sometimes put such restrictions and high prices on their insurance; it is worth your while to look at companies that only insure classic cars.

About Car Insurance Deductibles

In the United Kingdom, deductible is known as "excess". This makes sense when you think about it. Deductible is the amount of money that the insured is required to pay that is not covered by the insurer. It was first introduced to the commercial insurance world by Norman Baglini in 1952. So much for Norman, he won't go down in my record book, but as far as the insurance company industry is concerned, he is a pretty good guy with a great idea. The deductible is usually a fixed amount and part of your automobile insurance policy. The rule of thumb is that the higher the amount of the deductible, the lower the cost of the insurance premium.

Preventing Accidents - 7 Things Never to Do While Driving

If you want to keep your car insurance rates low, the following seven tips could keep you from being in an accident. Don't become another statistic.

Guide For Monthly Taxi Insurance

If you are planning to start your very own taxi business then you have come to the right place. Taxi business is certainly a good investment, you can get good returns for the amount of capital you have invested. However like any other business venture this also comes with its own inherent risks.

Defending Against Road Rage

On many roads and freeways in the United States, there are aggressive and even violent drivers. Some of these drivers may have had a bad day at work or are going through personal issues. Therefore, every little setback or hindrance will upset them very quickly. It is often extremely difficult to avoid such drivers on the road. This is why it is so important to have great auto insurance protection in case you are ever in an accident with these kinds of drivers.
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