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Medical Billing

Point of Service Insurance Plans

Both consumers and employers have a multitude of choices when it comes to health insurance. Choosing the right type of plan for you, your family, and your employees is an important decision that can affect how you receive the medical care you need. One option that gives the consumer a wide range of options to receive health care is a Point of Service plan. The major benefit of this type of plan is the ability to receive care from any doctor.

Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Issues

In 1996, the Mental Health Parity Act was passed in order to protect the proper insurance coverage for Americans with mental health issues. For many citizens who receive Social Security and associated medical coverage through their work, receiving equal coverage for their mental health concerns was problematic. The public perception of mental health issues is not equal to the perceptions of other bodily diseases. This varied opinion has been expressed through insurance coverage that provides limited coverage for mental health issues. The Mental Health Parity Act works to redress that situation.

Medicare Part D Benefits

The fourth part of the Medicare insurance plan may be the most crucial to many senior citizens and persons on disability coverage. Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs and can significantly reduce a person's out-of- pocket expense for their regular medications. Prescription medications can be a important part of a healthy and complete lifestyle, but they can also put quite a strain on a person's budget. Medicare Part D helps to relieve some of that pressure by providing some financial support for medications that a person must purchase regularly.

What Does Medicare Part C Cover?

Each of the four parts of the Medicare public health insurance plan covers specific health-related expenses. Part C is the third of the four parts and combines parts of the coverage offered in Part A and Part B. Part C, also commonly called Medicare Advantage, is a combination of public insurance and private insurance. This form of insurance is provided by private insurance companies and includes both Part A coverage and Part B coverage as provided by Social Security, along with coverage that is not offered by Medicare. This hybrid of public and private insurance helps citizens who qualify for Medicare receive all of the coverage that they need in a simplified plan.

Part B Benefits of Medicare

Within the total benefits of the Medicare system, Part B covers some of the most common medical expenses. Medicare Part B is a public insurance program that helps qualified citizens pay for medical expenses like going to be doctor and covering some preventative procedures. This type of coverage is useful for all different types of outpatient doctor's bills including home health services and other medically-necessary services.

Top 5 Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools in the US

To be frank, most of the medical billing and coding schools in United States are on-campus. There are only several online schools which offer certification programs and degree programs for this particular field. If you are more interested in pursuing an online program due to certain reasons, I would strongly recommend the following training organizations for you.

Insurance Billing For Reusable Tens Electrodes and Other Chronic Pain Products

Don't Pay For Out Of Pocket Health Care Costs If The Diagnosis Is For Some Form of Chronic Pain. Supplies such as tens reusable electrodes, rechargeable batteries are paid by insurance companies, including Medicare for patients owning TENS or Infrex Units.
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