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Workers Compensation

Bursitis Injuries

At the joints of the human body, there are fluid-filled sacs known as bursae that assist in reducing pain or injury. These sacs assist the body by cutting back on friction between joints. However, when a worker's daily job seems more like a daily grind, the repetitive nature of their work may lead to a condition known as bursitis. Defined as the inflammation of the bursae, bursitis causes stiffness and pain in the area of the joint.

The Truth About Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation is a very misunderstood subject and one that both employers and their staff tends to misunderstand completely. Part of the problem is that whenever we hear the word insurance we see money and fat-cat executives profiting from our hard work. The simple truth is that insurance is not what it used to be.

Workers' Compensation Terms Explained

If you have been injured on the job and your insurance company and employer are tossing around unfamiliar terms, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. Familiarizing yourself with some commonly used concepts will make the workers' compensation process more clear for you. There are a handful of terms that refer to payment and other benefits you could receive, so it is useful to understand what they mean before you sign documents or agreements.

Workers Compensation Insurance - How It Can Protect Your Business

In this world where it seems like everybody can get sued for everything and anything, its vital that you protect your business from potential law suits. In a recent story, an obese man sued McDonald's for being overweight - and he got compensated. If you are a business owner and you employ staff, then you need to protect yourself against potential legal actions.

Workers Compensation Insurance - Show That You Care

Workers compensation insurance is becoming more and more important for business of virtually any size. Although there are many legal implications and reasons for having it, it actually says a lot about your business. Regardless of the risk factors that you workers are exposed to, people need to feel like they are safe in their work environment.

Workers Compensation Insurance - 4 Important Steps Businesses Can Take

Workers' insurance is a form of insurance which provides compensation to workers injured while on the job to cover their medical care, a portion of their lost wages and, if applicable, for permanent disability. In exchange for this, employers get immunity from possible civil lawsuits from employees over such workplace injuries. Workers' insurance may include disability insurance, compensation for financial loss.

What Employers Should Know About Workers' Compensation

For most business leaders, there is a seemingly endless stream of decisions and actions that must be made for the benefit of the business and all workers aiding in the development of the business. One of the most important factors that employers must keep in mind is the safety of employees.

Can You Afford to Pay Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation insurance is a very hot topic and in many countries unions have waged war over the issue. For many workers in high risk jobs, the danger and the potential consequences of getting injured at work is a very real and present danger every day of their lives.

Railroad Employees Workers' Compensation Laws

Workers compensation laws vary from state to state and by occupation. Railroad work is an occupation that is afforded special protection.

The Hidden Consequences of Amputation Injuries

In the instant that a person suffers a serious injury in the workplace, he or she is likely to experience a rush of both pain and fear. Depending upon the nature of the accident, the direct health effects of a workplace injury may be as minor as some light bruising or as serious as the amputation of a part of a worker's body.
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