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Domain Names


Domain Name Transfer means to transfer domain name from the management from one registrar to another registrar. Registrar is responsible for the management of your domain name.

Choosing The Right Domain Name For A New Site

In the same way that offices and corporations take the time to build a mighty yet impressive stronghold of their business, online companies should also put much effort on making their websites speak professionalism and reliability with just one look. The website of your online business is your location in the virtual world, which is just logical for you to make it as appealing and as convenient for your customers as possible. Choosing the domain of your website is crucial because it is your address in the web; small mistakes can lead to huge detrimental...

Ways to Make Your Domain Name SEO Friendly

Before you can make attempts to make your domain name search engine optimization friendly, you have to first obtain a very clear understanding of what search engine optimization is really all about - the basics of performing search engine optimization strategies and techniques and the ultimate goal of optimizing your presence in the online world. To begin with, the very first step in search engine optimization is choosing the right keywords or keyword phrases (these are the words or set of words you most likely think searchers will use to find...

Internet Marketing Tips - Should You Buy Your Name As A Domain Name?

Simple question. Should you buy your name as a domain name? This article gives the not so simple answer.

Domain Name Front Running By The Registrar Should Be Against The Law

Major rant coming on Domain Name Front Running. Read at your own risk.

Tips You Need to Know Before You Buy Old Domains

Are you interested in buying old domains? Here is an insight, which you need to know prior to buying domains. In the beginning, you need to know what domains are, what are the procedures to buy old domains and where can you buy them from.

Internet Marketing Tips - Domain Name Abuse

You're going to love this article, I promise. Keep reading for a good laugh this morning.

Domain Names - How To Use Your Keyword To Find Your Domain Name

So you have your ideas for a blog or website but you need to find a good domain name. How do you decide what is really a GOOD name? And does it really matter?

Domain Names - .Com? .Org? .Info? What Is The Best Choice?

Choosing the ending for your domain name can be very important. Or is it? Does it really matter what ending you have?

Guidelines for Choosing Your Domain Name

Do you have plans on establishing an income over the internet? How about an online business? More and more people are trying to set up a business website to have a steady income.
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