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RSS Feeds for Website - Advantages of Having One

If you are planning to put up a website online for your business or you want to put up a website to make money online, you may be thinking of learning some tips and techniques on how you can make your website competitive. Of course, there are already millions and millions of websites existing online, thus you have to make sure that you also know how to promote your website online.

Adding RSS Feeds for Your Website and Improve Online Marketing of Your Business

One of the important things that you have to consider if you want to market your business online of if you want to start a profitable online business through your website is to make sure you have a website that is profitable and well-set up. One way is to find good RSS feeds for your website.

How XML Contributed To The Development Of RSS

When RSS was originally developed, it was defined as a lightweight - or simplified - subset of XML grammar. Even the RSS acronym's basis has changed since its inception in 1997. Formerly, it was known as Rich Site Summary, it is now commonly called Real Simple Syndication which more accurately - and less ambiguously - describes its purpose.

Enhancing Your Article Marketing Strategy Through RSS Feeds

Article marketing may be the most utilized way to promote a specific website and create massive traffic or back links to the website, earn a hefty income through article writing, and to build one's reputation as an expert on a specific field of interest. What many do not know is that the articles that they write can actually be used as promotional items themselves.

A To Z of RSS Feed

Whether you have a website or a blog, you would surely want more and more people to read about your content. RSS feeds where RSS refer to "Really Simple Syndication" can help you in your endeavor. With RSS, you can share your content with your subscribers easily and effectively across the internet.

RSS Feeds - How to Make Them Work For You

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a notification system used to alert subscribers to changes or updates made to their favorite web sites, blogs, music sites, etc. It is easy to recognize that the site is RSS-enabled by the orange rectangular button that allows visitors to subscribe.

Put Your RSS Feed on Steroids

You can't expect miracles to happen just by creating and publishing an RSS feed. In order to get traffic rolling in and those most sought after subscribers, RSS feeds need to be promoted and marketed in the right way! Here are some tips.
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