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Spam Blocker

Filtering Spam Emails

Spam is popular nowadays and almost everyone gets them in their emails. They are sometimes annoying and come from sources that a person might find offensive. However the worst part is that they can be dangerous for your computer and care must taken in opening them.

Dealing With Spam - Making Secondary Email Accounts

Many people deal with spam and junk mail everyday. There is a strategy of using a secondary email account to use for offers and email lists so that junk mail doesn't get into your main account.

Why Internet Predators Love Social Network Sites

Internet predators have become a fixture of sorts on many social media sites which necessitates the need for users to exercise caution. Now the growing popularity of social network sites has cyber criminals taking direct aim at them with their internet scams. Read more to see 3 reasons that makes the social network sites such an attractive target for this type criminal behavior?
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