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Laptop Battery Tips

tips to avoid your power going down

As we know, each battery has a designed capacity—basically the amount of charge that it's designed to hold. Over time batteries lose their ability to hold a charge, which means that though you're fully charging your battery, the actual amount of power that the battery can hold is going down. So many laptop users attempt to prolong their battery life with either way, here we share some easy tips for you.

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Sony VGP-BPS13/S

Een elektrisch voertuig met deze batterijen aangedreven, krijgt een actieradius die vergelijkbaar is met die van auto's met een verbrandingsmotor, zo is de belofte van de onderzoekers.

How to choose a good gateway laptop keyboard?

Laptop keyboard is a very important part of the laptop system. It allows you to communicate with the notebook. Without a keyboard, a laptop with the best configuration is also synonymous with a useless piece of metal.

Power management and laptop power supply

Good power management is also a good way to extend your laptop battery, and you can learn how to manage your laptop power supply. Each laptop battery is a power ranking is given, it means what percentage of the battery is left, and the customer knows how long the battery long before it needs recharging.

Consumer Electronics Laptop Batteries


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