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When Is Music Sharing Illegal?

Sharing music through the Internet has become enormously popular around the world, especially on college campuses. Online piracy of music is defined as uploading a copyrighted sound recording to the Internet for others to download or downloading the uploaded music from a website or file-sharing network.

Copyright and Plagiarism - What's the Deal and Are They the Same?

Any recorded work of expression is automatically protected by copyright, meaning you own the rights to it. If you write a letter to your mother, it is automatically copyrighted. So is video, audio, sculptures, paintings, almost anything that is recorded. You'll often see the copyright symbol or the word "copyright" with a date and the person or organization that holds the copyright on the copyrighted work, for example on every page of a book or document. This is to avoid "innocent infringement," so that it is clear that it is copyrighted.

Tips For Copyrighting

Developing intellectual property for your business or organization can take a large amount of hard work and dedication to the creative process. This time commitment and the ending product must be respected through the protection of your materials. One common and effective method that is often used in the professional world as a means to protect intellectual property is copyrighting.

What Works Fall Into the Public Domain?

One of the most popular topics among information entrepreneurs (infopreneurs) is public domain works. There are entire publishing empires built on their use. Here we discuss four specific categories that fall into the public domain. These categories are specific to the United States and will have to be checked against the public domain regulations of other specific countries.

Say No to Copyright Infringement

Recently, one of the most worrying problems in society is about copyright infringement or copyright violation. Simply, we can define it as the unauthorized use of material that is covered by copyright law. So, it is a form of violation to one of the exclusive copyright of someone, including the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.

Copyrights and Trademarks For Business Owners

Copyright is a relevant part of our lives and yet, despite its impact on our lives, people have insufficient knowledge of what copyright is. Following are questions I am often asked by clients developing their website, looking for photos/artwork to use on their materials, or those interested in protecting their business logo.

Can You Profit From Public Domain Works?

This article will discuss three ways YOU can profit from public domain works. Public domain works are those artistic works: books, art, music, etc. that are no longer protected by copyright. Once the copyright is no longer valid, the works pass into the public domain and anyone can freely use them for fun or profit. The criteria for determining when a work is in the public domain varies from country to country, but is specified in the copyright law for each country.
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