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Criminal Law

Hiring Representation through a Sexual Assault, Family Violence or DUI Lawyer in California

Many people run into legal charges at one point in their lives that will result in the need for an attorney.

Selecting a Restraining Order or Criminal Defense Attorney in California Today

When you need legal help, there are a number of options that will be available to you today.

Find a Homicide Attorney, Criminal Attorneys or Criminal Defense Attorney in California

When a person is charged with a crime, they are entitled to representation in the court of law.

Find a Family Violence Lawyer, Restraining Order Attorney or Criminal Defense Attorneys California

Today there are a variety of different reasons why a person might be looking for a family violence lawyer.

DUI Underage and Repeat DUI Offenders Are Biggest Threat On The Road

One of the biggest safety road hazards is a person driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, there are two groups that have a high risk of doing this very thing. The two groups are:

DUI And Employment - Should You Report Any Felonies or Misdemeanors?

Should a nurse report any felonies or misdemeanors that don't relate to their profession including a DUI? According to the California State Board of Nursing, discipline may be considered for any unprofessional conduct under its Nurse Practice Act, found in the California Business & Professions Code as well as the Title 16 in California Code of Regulations. The board can take disciplinary action against any licensed or certified nurse for using drugs or drinking alcohol in a manner that's considered dangerous or injures themselves or other folks.

Elements of Negligence

Negligence, in general, means 'a state of carelessness'. It is not a case that is planned or intentional. In legal terms, those acts that are not done with sufficient prudence that are considered rational and that results in emotional, physical or material harm to a human being is considered as a 'case of negligence'.

Rules For Probation

Probation is a legal sentence imposed by the court on a person, who is found to be guilty. The victim may be put under probation even without serving a brief time in the prison or after spending sometime in jail. This sentence gives the opportunity for the criminal to stay out of the prison under the condition that the individual is under constant supervision of a legally authorized person.

Reclassification of Theft Charges

Multiple states have created new regulations or reclassifications of theft laws to account for criminal activities that target elderly adults. Often the penalties for stealing from an elderly or disabled person are more severe than the penalties for the same action against adults of different ages or those without disabilities. These changes in regulations are important in cases involving identity theft.

Credit Card Fraud Schemes

Credit card fraud is a growing problem with the rise of the internet and online transactions. It involves stealing funds from a person or entity through the unauthorized use of credit card information. In some cases, the actual card may be stolen, while in others the card holder's data is used to commit theft online. There are a variety of different credit card fraud schemes that are used today to defraud cardholders of their information.
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