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Elder Law

Humiliation in Nursing Homes

Making the decision to move a family member into a nursing home facility is not an easy one. But nursing home facilities do plenty to ensure you that your family member will be well cared for and receive the respect and attention they deserve. It is crucial to ensure that is true if you have decided to place your loved one in a nursing home. Humiliation of residents is an unfortunate reality in many nursing homes.

Broken Bones and Elderly Adults

Breaking a bone can be a traumatic experience at any age, but the health concerns are often far greater when an elderly adult breaks a bone. The ability of an elderly adult to heal from a broken bone may not be nearly as great as that of a younger person. Often accidents that result in broken bones are avoidable. This is especially true if a caretaker's negligence results in a broken bone or other serious injury. These situations cannot be overlooked or taken lightly because of the real impact that this type of injury can have on the health of an elderly adult.

Malnutrition and Dehydration

A healthy diet is a crucial part of every person's health. Denying a person of the food that they need for a healthy and happy life is a cruel form of abuse. But unfortunately, this type of behavior does occur in nursing home facilities. Malnutrition is a huge concern for many elderly adults. Many different medical conditions that affect a great number of elderly adults require that they have assistance eating. If there are not enough staff members, or those staff members are negligent in their responsibilities, these adults may suffer from malnutrition and dehydration.

Signs of Elderly Theft

Placing your elderly family member in an assisted living facility or retirement facility can be a challenging decision for a family to make. Whether your family member requires care that you are unable to give or they live away from anyone who could provide them with care, an elderly care facility may be the best option for your family. Though this decision may be in the best interest of an elderly family member, there are real risks that should be considered and acknowledged when making this decision. Theft and fraud does occur to elderly adults and often by a close caretaker or assisted living facility employee.

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Many elderly Americans suffer abuse in their nursing homes each year. This unfortunate fact is only made more unfortunate when the abused elderly are unable to report instances of abuse themselves. In these cases, it is up to the individual's family to report suspected misconduct.

Isolation in Nursing Homes

Many of the complaints lobbied against nursing homes fall under the category of resident neglect. Resident neglect and abuse accounted for nearly 20% of the substantiated complaints that were filed between 2005 and 2007. One of the pressing types of neglect and abuse that is demonstrated in nursing homes is involuntary seclusion, often referred to as isolation.

Nursing Homes and Malnutrition

The number of senior citizens growing in America and thus the number of people entering nursing homes for constant and reliable care is becoming more prominent. A proper diet becomes essential to residents of nursing communities as the their health deteriorates and their mental cohesion decreases. Unfortunately, many times nursing homes can neglect the basic nutrition needs of their residents. This in turn causes hardship and strain on not only the seniors themselves, but also their families and loved ones.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If you are responsible for administering care to a loved one who is growing older and increasingly dependent on the assistance of others, you may consider placing him or her in a nursing home. While assisted living facilities are a popular solution for many, you should be careful about the establishment that you choose. Sadly, many nursing homes are understaffed or fail to adequately train their staff members, resulting in gross negligence and mistreatment.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

When you and your family must make the difficult decision to place your elderly family member in a nursing home when they can no longer care for themselves, you may be worried about how well they will be taken care of in their new home. Though many nursing homes provide a safe, professional environments, others may not. Unfortunately, abuse can occur in several different forms. Arguably, one of the worst forms of abuse that can occur in a nursing home is in the form of sexual abuse, or unwanted sexual coercion without consent.

Be Alert to the Signs of Elder Abuse

According to the National Institute on Aging, there were an estimated 1.5 million nursing home residents in 2004 alone. In the last couple of years, these numbers have increased significantly.
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