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Inspiron N5010 アダプタ

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Certificate of Citizenship

Certain children are considered citizens of the United States, but do not hold official documentation of this status. In these cases, the child or the child's parents must apply for a certificate of citizenship to prove that the child is indeed a U.S. citizen.

Family Based Immigration Visas

The Immigration and Nationality Act includes provisions that dictate the number of immigrant visas that are given out each year. Under this Act, U.S. citizens and some legal permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their relatives to help them enter the United States more quickly than other applicants. The government sets preference categories and limits based on relationships between family members.

Naturalization Test and Interview

If you are a citizen of a country outside of the United States and want to become a U.S. citizen, you may apply for citizenship through the process of naturalization. After meeting eligibility requirements and filing your application, you must take an English test and a civics test to show your knowledge of the English language and of U.S. history and government.

Permanent Immigrant Workers

If you would like to work permanently in the U.S., you must apply for an immigrant visa. Each year, around 140,000 immigrants who have particular job skills, education, or work experience are awarded visas so that they may legally and permanently work in the U.S.

Choosing an Immigration Attorney

If you have ever looked at coming to the United States, you have probably seen the vast amount of paperwork that must be done for you to get a visa. You first have to figure out your status, which starts at immigrant and non-immigrant and divides into more categories from there. You also must determine the forms that you need to come to the U.S. This process can quickly get confusing, so it is no surprise that many people turn to using immigration attorneys.

Starting Your Career As a Green Card Lawyer

A green card lawyer represents the clients who want to obtain a permanent residency visa in the United States and also deals with the conflicts arising in the process. Almost 50,000 visas are granted every year to the people who wish to study, work and live in the U.S.

Permanent Residence - Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Green Card?

Permanent residents are citizens of countries outside the United States who have been granted legal permission to permanently live and work within the U.S. When a person becomes a permanent resident, he or she is granted a "green card," which provides proof of his or her status.

Literacy Requirements for Naturalization

The federal government has certain educational requirements for naturalization, which include literacy requirements and a knowledge of the history and government of the United States. The literacy requirements state that in order to become a naturalized citizen, a person must be able to demonstrate his or her understanding of the English language through reading, writing, and speaking.

The REAL ID Act of 2005

The REAL ID Act of 2005 changed the existing U.S. federal laws on the standards of issuing state driver's licenses and identification cards. The Act addressed issues such as security and authenticity of identification along with other immigration issues related to terrorism.
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