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Intellectual Property

Starting Your Career As An Intellectual Property Lawyer

It is important to understand what 'intellectual property law' is in real sense. It is a law that defends the creations of designers, musicians, authors and inventors, hence everything that is the product of human mind.

How Do You Protect Your Information Products? Part 2

Apart from the copyright, registration of an information product by the author through nationally and internationally recognized "serial" (identification) numbers provides a second line of defense. These include ISBN numbers (for books); ISSN numbers for periodicals (both printed and electronic); and ESN's (for electronic media). Each provides some degree of protection for the author by registering the information product under the publisher or author's name.

How Do You Protect Your Information Products? Part 1

We infopreneurs (information entrepreneurs) are a breed apart in the publication industry. We specialize in making money with information products and at the same time we give away a lot of our information products. We know that free stuff sells stuff. We have learned that lesson well. But, how do we protect our information products from being ripped-off?

5 Tips to Protect Your Intellectual Property

All humans or at least most humans are creative. Every one of us has had brilliant ideas or at least one brilliant idea at some point in time of our life. At times such novel ideas can have a potential and commercially viable business behind them. In case you are one among them who have got such an idea, then this article will provide you some of the most important tips to protect it from being misused by somebody else.
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