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Labor Law

If You Are Injured At Work, You Need To Know Your Rights

When submitting a claim for reimbursement from the workplace it is crucial that you retain the services of a workers compensation attorney who is from the state where you work. Because laws vary from state to state, it makes no sense to search for a lawyer outside of the state that you are requesting compensation from. A local auto accident attorney or personal injury attorney will be your best bet to obtain as much compensation as possible.

Engaged To Work

Every employee wants to be compensated for the time that they work. Different jobs are structured in different ways. The nature of many jobs requires that an employee wait on their next assignment. There may not always be an active responsibility at every moment, but this does not mean that the employee should not be paid for their time. The Fair Labor Standards Act specifically outlines how and when an employee must be compensated for their time. This includes some time that is spent waiting.

Miner's Black Lung

The hard labor from coal workers contributes to keeping industries powered and producing the goods and services the rest of the world uses. However, their job is complicated by a large number of possible hazards. The constant exposure in deep shafts with little ventilation can severity compromise the health of the sinuses, throat, and lungs. Perhaps most well-known to the public of all of the afflictions that affect miners is black lung, also known as coal worker's pneumoconiosis.

Hours of Service Violations

Large trucks, commonly referred to as "semis," are a common component of highway driving in America. These 18-wheeled trucks weigh approximately 30,000 pounds without any cargo, making them an especially intimidating vehicle to cruise alongside. In order to ensure the safety of truck drivers, as well as other driver nearby, state laws restrict the number of hours a truck driver can work and the amount of cargo a truck may transport.

When an Employer Refuses to Compensate For on Call Time

There are a number of ways in which employers can try to get around paying their employees what the employees are legally entitled to by suggesting that a certain type of work is not eligible for compensation. One of the areas employers often fail to compensate in is on call time.
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