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Medical Malpractice

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Legal and Ethical Dilemma for Using Counterfeit Doctor Note

Today, the Internet is rampant with several websites offering counterfeit doctor notes; and people are more than willing to use these notes to explain their absence from work or school. These websites are catering to an existing demand and whether they should held accountable is a different matter altogether.

Medical Conflicts With Psychiatric Drugs

The face of medicine has changed radically over the past century. In particular, many people now recognize psychiatric medicine as a legitimate field that can help people with treatable conditions. Moving away from the sanitarium model of previous centuries, many patients now manage their psychological disorders with a daily dose of pharmaceuticals. However, prescribing medication to a person can make other medical treatments significantly more complicated.

Incorrectly Filled Prescriptions

When a pharmacist fills a prescription, he or she is charged with filling that prescription correctly. Depending on the prescribed medication, filling the prescription correctly could mean putting the right kind of pills in a bottle or mixing the right amounts of ingredients to create the intended medicine.

Dangerous Birth Injuries

Children whose doctors mishandle them during birth may suffer from permanent, debilitating injuries. Typically, this happens when their doctors have trouble with the delivery. This could mean that there were complications during the birth or that the doctor simply mishandled the baby during the delivery or shortly after birth.

Contesting Medical Malpractice Accusations

Being accused of medical malpractice as a physician or other medical professional is a serious allegation. While doctors do sometimes make mistakes, in other cases they are exposed to wrongful lawsuits that could have a devastating impact on their careers. In many instances, a physician who is found liable for malpractice is not only required to pay exorbitant damages, but may also have his or her medical license suspended or revoked.

Drug Allergies and Medical Malpractice

Drug allergies can begin at birth or they can develop over time. People with allergies may react different when exposed to an allergen. Some people may only experience minor cold-like symptoms, while other people can have severe reactions that can land them in the hospital. In some cases, especially those where a drug allergy is involved, allergies can be deadly. Therefore, after a drug allergy is discovered, it is important to do everything possible to avoid receiving that drug again.

Hospitals and Overdose

One of the foundations of hospital care is medication. Medication helps sick people get better by controlling their symptoms and telling their bodies to act in certain ways. Often, hospitals have access to drugs so powerful that they are not even available by prescription.

Fatal Improper Treatment of a Patient

Many individuals generally trust the knowledge and judgment of doctors and other medical staff when they visit the hospital. This is because medical professionals go through years of training and practice before they begin working with patients. Unfortunately, sometimes medical teams make mistakes when they perform treatments on patients that can have deadly consequences.

Inner Abdominal Birth Injuries

When you are bringing a new child into the world, it can be one of the most stressful yet rewarding moments in your life. Childbirth is a very vulnerable time for you and your child. Your child could even be in actual physical danger if doctors or nurses make mistakes during delivery. Medical staff are usually highly trained in their field, but they can make negligent errors and mistakes.
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