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Patenting Your Idea

Invention may be one of the primary driving forces of a successful economy. The creative process that an inventor must undergo to turn an original idea into an original product can push a person's understanding of their field. Whether an invention is a completely new product or an original reworking of an existing product, it may be crucial to the growth and development of our society. An important step for any inventor or creator is to get their product patented in order to protect their idea and future property.

Qui Tam Law For False Marking

To promote justice, the United States law allows for private citizens to bring forth lawsuits on behalf of the government. If a citizen notices another person or company committing fraud or other such crimes, the citizen can accuse the criminal of defrauding the government and take that person to court. This is called qui tam law. One part of qui tam law includes a provision against false marking.
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