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Regulatory Compliance

Legal, Safety and Environmental Considerations of Crime Scene Cleanup

Avoiding Demolition Accidents

Planning is a crucial part of every demolition project. Just like a construction project, it is important to consider all of the steps involved in completing this type of project before it begins. This is an important way to keep construction workers and every person involved in the project safe from injury. Often, these projects can pose a serious threat to the safety of any person nearby. Falling objects, the potential for structural collapse, and other concerns must be addressed prior to the demolition of any structure.

Common Train Accidents

Since 2007, there have been over 8,000 train accidents that have occurred in the United States. According to the Department of Transportation, the highest percentage of these accidents happens because of defective or missing crossties in a railroad line. These types of events include situations caused by the rotation of the tracks that locomotives depend on. Accidents of this nature can be very costly and damaging for passengers and train operators alike.

Filing for Social Security Benefits As a Veteran

Filing for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration is a rather complicated process. Qualifying for benefits might require rounds of appeals and a hearing with an administrative judge. Also, Social Security disability benefits are awarded either in their entirety, or not at all. This is different from the Veterans' Affairs disability benefits that veterans are used to, which award disabled vets based on a percentage of how much they are determined to be disabled.

The Danger of Pooled Water

Even a thin layer of water can easily cause a vehicle to loose control and a driver can quickly find themselves in a dangerous and uncontrollable spin. Pooled water on a roadway is a dangerous situation that can arise in an instant. Water pooling, whether from rain, a faulty sprinkler, or any other source, can put a driver at danger of loosing control of his or her vehicle. Even if pooled water requires a small but sharp adjustment by the driver, they can quickly put themselves and others at risk for an accident.

The Dodd-Frank Act and Financial Reform

In the fall of 2008, the United States slid into a recession that affected many other countries across the globe. This led to massive amounts of taxpayer money given to corporations as bailouts, and as this failed, people began to call for reform. This came in the form of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was passed in July of 2010.

Gulf Oil Spill Legislation on Hold

New gulf oil spill legislation is on hold as the Senate and Congress take their summer recess. The proposed changes to the Death on the High Seas Act would bring sweeping changes to the maritime industry in the wake of the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

Potential Whistleblowers - Know Your Rights

No business, no matter how powerful, is above the law. Nonetheless, far too many businesses are able to conduct illegal activities by covering up their dealings in layers of fraud and manipulation. When their actions involve defrauding the government, by underpaying taxes, for example, employees who become aware of illegal activity stand to benefit from "blowing the whistle" on the company's actions.
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