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Army Surplus - A Great Way To Get Good Value For Money

Every now and then we all want to dress up in a character. We do that by wearing hats, bandanas, and sometimes face masks. Our reason for dressing might just be style, but sometimes it is a costume party or event. Regardless of your reason for spiking up your dress, it is good to note that you can get quite a few things from the army surplus.

Army Surplus - A Fantastic Way To Go Military!

Everyone knows that military products are more durable than the average ones. That is why people are inclined to buy the army surplus. There are so many different items to choose between. One of the best deals you can find are military vehicle parts.

Marine Training and Its Importance

In today's world there are lots of job opportunities in every field including defense services. It is a budding field having a lot of scope, money and of course without much competition. The marine environment is under pressure from growing human populations and development.

Chavez and the Weakness of a Militia

Although Chavez goes against everything we hold dear and true in America, and completely contradicts what this country has given her blood, money, and lives for, we acknowledge that he did get something right: how to build and start a militia. Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, has recently said he that associates of his civilian militia should be given weapon which are to be armed and ready for immediate use, should the need arise. This civilian militia is known as The Bolivarian Militia, structured by the Venezuelan President in the past few...

William Rufus and His Strange Court

If nothing else, William's reign ensured two things. Firstly, that Robert was kept from the throne, and secondly that his younger brother, Henry, became king immediately after him. But to leave matters to those few words would be as unjust as they would be in error.

William the Second - An Untimely Death

Death visited William quite suddenly one August afternoon, the second to be precise. By this time, he'd reigned for thirteen years and had proved himself to be a most brave soldier and a first class commander, who's men would follow without demur. Just as an interesting footnote to the rebellion of 1087, Robert had the chance to redeem himself during the period when his half uncle was holed up in Rochester castle for those weeks.

William and Odo - The Battle Lines Are Drawn

By no means all the barons were keen on William's ascendancy to the throne. A lot would have preferred Robert, only because he was so much more pliant than Rufus.

William the Second, by The Grace Of God, King Of England

William Rufus was crowned king on the 26th. September, 1087, at Westminster Cathedral. Purely from a constitutional standpoint, it's interesting to speculate when he did, actually, become king.

The Death and Burial of William The Conqueror

So the days passed and still William wrestled with the church regarding his pardoning of Robert, his eldest son, and Odo of Bayeux. Finally, after days of negotiation; William so nearly agreeing, then thinking better of it, like pulling out a bad tooth, the clergy prevailed. They managed to extract William's pardon of Robert for the ills the son had done him, and with the fervent help of his half brother, Robert of Mortain, he also agreed to allow Odo freedom from captivity.

How to Prepare For Basic Training

Basic training is the process that prepares you for the military. Find out what you can do that will help prepare you better for the basic training process.
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