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DDT: A Toxic History

In 1939, scientists discovered that a chemical first synthesized in 1874 was an excellent insecticide. The chemical is widely known as its notorious abbreviation, DDT. DDT was used with great success in the second half of World War II to combat malaria and typhus, and the chemist who discovered its insecticidal properties was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1948.

Bird Names

Pick up a field guide and you'll notice that many birds seem to have been named after people. One could imagine that Mr. Bartlett must have been particularly fond of the Amazonian tinamou with which he bequeathed his name.

How To Help Birds Through Safe Mowing Habits

When it comes to bird conservation issues, habitat destruction is one of the biggest root causes of declines in many bird populations the world over. Usually we think of deforestation as the most pressing of conservation problems because it is dramatic and gets the most media coverage.

Toxic Soil

Poultry manure required to soil-building but, over time, excessive applications of fertilizer in the form of manure on land will contribute to excessive soil nutrient accumulation. Phosphorus and Potassium will develop and build up in the ground and making it out-of-balance for the planting. Phosphorous makes plant roots strong and helps during maturation of fruit, but excess of it will ruin the developing action of the soil.

The Best Survival Foods When Lost in the Jungle

Always opting for the plants that have the most water concentration, in many cases, cactus plants, agave plant, and coconut. On the other hand, when lost in remote areas where most of the vegetation is poisonous, the best thing to do is to is not abstain from eating anything specially if there is little to no knowledge of this vegetation. Likely though in a tropical jungle there would be enough non poisonous plants to eat as well.

Hourglass, Time Passages

Have you thought about how fast time passes, and how much one can accomplish during this time. There are many aspects that may interfere in the accomplishment of most projects. Many of these interferences have to do with our willingness to make all goals a project and a fact.

Hydras Are Interesting Animals

Hydras are interesting creatures. They do not have a brain, but have a nerve net distributed over their whole body. Despite this they have a range of behaviours.

Symbolism of Butterflies

Butterflies symbolize so many things to some people. Here are some of the common beliefs about butterflies and what they mean.

The Abilities Of Wild Animals

The examination of the abilities of many large, and small wild animals may help us find answers in the quest for solutions to energy problems. Sharp minds of scientists and entrepreneurs may produce a useful and direct solution to many energy problems, if not all, by simply applying some of the facts that are proposed by the abilities of these animals. Imagine the White Shark being able to solve the problem of speed and fuel consumption.

Polar Bears - White Devil

Solitary when not breeding or a mother, the Polar Bears specially males are aggressive and will kill cubs to prevent them from maturing and becoming rivals. There are strong swimmers, they can swim for up to 60 miles without resting. Superbly insulated, this white devils don't need a permanent shelter.
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