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A Tribute To Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President Of The United States

An article to commemorate Ronald Reagan. It being in an honor of what would have been his 100th birthday (on the 6th February of the present year) that I chose to write this article along with my wishes to express my thanks for his having put an end to the cold war.

George W Bush Presidential Library Has Cheney at Opening Ceremony

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney was present and even took time to give a few words at the ground breaking ceremony for President George W. Bush's new presidential library. The former president had a number of his former Cabinet members and advisors present in Dallas, Texas, as construction began for the newest presidential library.

Not All Republicans Are Thrilled With the Idea of Sarah Palin in the White House

Sarah Palin is probably the most famous Republican in the United States at this time, but not every Republican wants her to run for president. Some Republicans feel her she lacks intelligence; some are still unsure as to why she resigned the governorship of Alaska, and still others feel she brings embarrassment upon their party by doing controversial things like starring in her own reality show on the Discovery Channel.

Communism Versus Capitalism Is Korean Peninsula's Problem

There is more to the recent shelling of a South Korean island by North Korea than recent events. The history of Korean Peninsula is one filled with war and bloodshed. The United States is part of that history.

Left Handed US Presidents

Most people in the world are right handed. In olden times being left handed was not regarded well since it was associated with evil, wrong doings or immorality. But with times, these impressions have changed and there are many famous personalities who have made a place for themselves in the books of history for their achievements in spite of being left-handed.

As A Spiritual Leader How Will You React And Respond When The Economic And Financial Crisis Rages?

We are very much aware of the economic and financial storm that is about to hit the UK and Europe and America. Appalling financial management and irresponsible debt and greed and selfishness are the contributory factors. The problem is basically spiritual rather than economic but because some people are afraid to use the name of God and call upon God for help we calls the problem as economic! The storms of life are real and they reveal so much about us. If our leaders could grasp something of the serious situation facing our nations and understand something of the help available if only they would bow the knee and humbly but courageously ask Almighty God through Jesus Christ for mercy and guidance and direction. Our God is so gracious and tender and understanding He hears the prayers of His people.

Mr Bush and Mr Cheney Actions and Policies Controversy

The presidency of George W. Bush was one of the most memorable presidencies of modern times. President Bush's dealing with the war on terror (attacks of September 11, 2001, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq) and the economic troubles the country faced as he left office will mean his term in office will be the subject of countless hours of research and debate.

Bio Hazards - The New Terrorism Threat

Once the province of science fiction movies, bio hazard cleanup companies now have become an important part of our country's landscape and it is anticipated that they will continue to play a significant role in helping society maintain a safe environment that does not pose high risks to our health. The imperative that a bio hazard be neutralized can be no less important than defusing a ticking, conventional bomb.

Political Leaders Would Be Wise To Pause And Stop And Give Serious Attention To Major Issues

When Election times approach different people have very different thoughts and attitudes and outlooks. With this most crucial General Election only a few days away one man asked, "Who would Jesus vote for?" A simple straightforward answer is not easy. A far better and more relevant question would be, "Who would Jesus have in his cabinet?" There are very clear biblical guidelines which might help rescue this deeply troubled nation.

Australia, Kevin Rudd and the Mining Tax Fiasco

When Kevin Rudd came to power back in 2007 it sparked a massive change that Australia longed for. While many doubted his abilities, he soon silenced even his harshest critics and gained immense respect from world leaders - including president Barack Obama.
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