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Jewish Art: The Artistic Mezuzah Case

When one typically thinks of Jewish art, he may think of beautifully hand illuminated ketubahs, prayers, and blessings Most will have at least one type of this artwork somewhere in the home. However, the mezuzah can definitely be found in every Jewish home and more than once. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many artists are devoting more of their time to creating beautiful cases for the mezuzah.

My Favorite Jewish Holiday

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, if not THE most frequently asked question, that I receive from my non-Jewish friends: which one of the seemingly-endless list of Jewish holidays is my favorite. When I was younger (pre-Bar Mitzvah), I undoubtedly argued it was Chanukkah. After all, the majority of my friends were Christian, and therefore for most of them the favorite holiday was Christmas.

The Items on the Seder Plate

One of the great things about the Jewish holiday of Passover (or Pesach, in Hebrew) is the many images, items, and symbols associated with it. There is, of course, the matzah, the unleavened bread made of white flour and water. There is also the image of the Red Sea being split, as the Jewish people walk through to safety and freedom.

Japan and The Saving Power Of Jesus

The turmoil in the markets returned this week as a result of the Japan disaster. Added to the human tragedy is the renewed risk of economic bankruptcy. The unstable situation regarding the nuclear reactors in Fukushima and surrounding districts hit by the tsunami adds yet another layer of concern. I am reminded of 1 Corinthians 1.18, which coincidentally I was asked to read in church this week.

Various Opportunities Keep Jewish Art Thriving

Jewish art pops up in various occasions in the Jewish life. As a culture, Jewish people love to combine art with their day to day life.

Modern Sexual Attitudes Are In Accord With Biblical Teaching

Sexual attitudes in the 21st century, particularly as portrayed in TV and film, are very much in line with religious teaching which is thousands of years old. This suggests that, despite huge swings away from a reliance on the Bible as the moral arbiter in our lives, the private morality of individuals has nevertheless stayed true to its Biblical origins. Even among a population which rarely visits church, the key commandments remain as pillars of accepted social behavior.

Purim: Why We Celebrate It and How to Commemorate It With Jewish Art

Another year and another Purim. This spring, why not do something different? There is plenty of Purim art out there to help celebrate the holiday.

The Top 10 Jewish Authors From the 20th Century - And Their Jewish Books

Jews are imaginative people, and our creativity is not lost on gentiles. This article will list the 10 best Jewish authors, in no particular order, as well as their best Jewish books. Although some books may not represent Jewish culture overtly, it is impossible to ignore the impact of these Jewish books on the literary tradition.

With a Few Small Changes in the Lifestyles and Behaviour of Men Environments Can Be Transformed!

There are times when certain nations are high priority on our news bulletins and quite suddenly they disappear and we can wonder what is happening in these countries. One of the things that concerned me deeply in Kenya was when I learned about the widespread violence against women. Various Christian churches are working away to rectify this situation which causes fear and anxiety and has catastrophic consequences at times. If violence can be stopped then in these areas women and men can work in a freer manner and improve their land a grow crops and produce goods in the workshops. Having visited the 'rose farms' and the tea plantations and having seen how hard these people work, life can be that bit easier if the issue of violence is dealt with.

When It Comes to the Challenge of Islam to Christians Our Almighty God Knows Exactly What to Do!

We read alarming reports almost every week on all kinds of topics and although this one could cause alarm in certain circles, it need not. A study emerging from Swansea University indicates that some thousands of people living in Britain are converting to Islam every year, and quite interestingly, with more women becoming Muslims than men. I wonder why? Is it because the Jesus Christ of the Bible has never been fully and adequately preached and taught in Churches? If that is so, then the fault lies at the door of the church! David Pawson's superb and comprehensive book, "The Challenge of Islam to Christians" gives us an insight and understanding of this serious and dangerous phenomenon, and excellent recorded talks are widely available. Consider how much more serious the situation would have been if the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had not poured out the Holy Spirit throughout the 1960's and 1970's in such a generous and abundant way.
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