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Older Cats - Feeding, Nutrition, Supplementation, and General Information

I know you have heard the general rule that states one year of a cat's life is equivalent to seven human years. You may be surprised to find out that this comparison is not accurate. For example it takes about one year for that cut cuddly kitten to grow into their adult body.

Causes Of Intestinal Blockage In Cats

Pet owners need to be aware of some of the common health problems in the animals so that they identify them in the initial stages itself. One of the common health problems in cats is intestinal blockage. This is predominantly found in kittens rather than well-grown adult cats.

Appetite Stimulant For Cats

Cats are generally choosy about the food they eat. The more they are pampered, the choosier they become. However, if your pet lacks appetite consistently and goes without proper nutrition for days together, you need to take the problem more seriously. Otherwise, this could lead to serious health problems.

The Gestation Period In A Cat

The gestation period of a cat is approximately between 60 - 70 days. On an average, it tends to last for 9 weeks. During the gestation period, the cat manifests various behavioral and physical changes. Normally, you would find them become less active during this time. Some of them tend to be aggressive to protect themselves.

Feline Entertainment and Exercise With A Cat's Toy Ball

Are you a feline lover? If so and you have one as a pet or a few which are considered family, then you must be concerned about how it is best to take care of them. Wanting to keep them healthy and happy should be a top priority.

11 Steps To Cat Urinary Tract Infection Prevention

Cat urinary tract infection prevention is a topic of interest to many pet parents especially if they have had past, or recurring, experiences with the condition. Statistically there is about a one in 5 or 6 chance that your cat will become infected, but that is a broad number across all demographics. If you were to take a sampling of...

Degenerative Joint Disease (Osteoarthritis) In Cats

Pet parents may not consider the possibility that their aging furry companion may be suffering from degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis). They may notice their cat gradually becoming less active but simply write it off to another part of the natural aging process.

Dealing With Feral Cats

If you've ever had to deal with feral cats, you know they can be a problem. Here are some tips that I have used in dealing with them.

When You Need to Take Your Cat to the Vet

How do you know when to take your cat to the vet and when it would be counterproductive? Here are some clues.

Is Poinsettia Poisonous to Cats?

Poinsettia is a plant found in Mexico which has green leaves, yellow colored flowers and red bracts. These are famous and used especially during Christmas due to their red and green color.
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