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Kinkajou Or Honey Bear?

Few pets may be as unique as a pet kinkajou. With prehensile tails and hind feet that can pivot backwards, these exotic rainforest mammals are natural-born climbers. They can scamper their way from surface to surface in surprising ways, and they can make their way into your family just as quickly. The honey-colored, adventurous mammal commonly referred to as a kinkajou, honey bear or nightwalker have an amazingly friendly and interested personality that makes them exciting pets.

Tame Siberian Silver Foxes

In 1959, an experiment at the Institute for Cytology and Genetics in Russia began to better understand the evolutionary pressures of selection. This experiment was based around a group of foxes collected from an Estonian coat factory which were selectively breeding only the most inherently friendly and tame animals of the group. This forty year experiment has resulted in a line of extremely tame Siberian silver foxes which are now being lauded as desirable domestic pets.

Pet King Snakes

Though snakes may not satisfy your desire for a huggable pet, they can make excellent additions to your domestic pet family by adding a little bit of intrigue and excitement. Snakes require detailed care which is rewarded with a growing comfort and increased interaction. Snakes are curious animals that have specific requirements for a suitable environment.

Owning Octopi

Few would guess that the most intelligent invertebrate in the world is the octopus. With eight muscular arms, each a crucial part of the octopus' central nervous system, they are able to control their movements and reactions in complex ways. These unique creatures also make distinguished pets because of their advanced intelligence. But owning an octopus requires a good deal of preparation and attention in order to provide your pet with a healthy life.

The List of Small Things

Yes, people prefer to have things big. They'd rather have a big car, a big bag, a big house...

The Search for the Smallest Monkey

Monkeys, scientifically speaking, are the closest relative human beings have, given that they are also primates. Nowadays, people find monkeys exceptionally special and intelligent, that they are adopted as pets. Now that the fad for small pets is in, this article will provide you two of the well known smallest monkeys to boot-and see if they are good enough for your taste as a pet.

The Must Have Pet - Pygmy Hedgehogs

Branded as a must have pet in 2009, Pygmy Hedgehogs proved to everyone that there is more to it than the way it looks. Pygmy Hedgehogs were bred in captivity about ten years ago. This domesticated hedgehog is a hybrid of two classes of hedgehogs, the White bellied or four-toed hedgehog and the Algerian Hedgehog.

6 Basics About Honey Bees Beekeeping

Scientifically speaking, out of the 20,000 various species of bees, only 7 or so are honey bees. Honey bees beekeeping requires that one stays abreast with all the details about beekeeping. There are 6 basics about honey bees beekeeping that are usually the most important in the practice.

Beekeeping Information For Beginners

The desire to take part in beekeeping as a practice can be quite overwhelming especially if one is enthusiastic about beekeeping. However, there is need to have the right Information at one's disposal before they can begin the practice. As a matter of fact, the right beekeeping information could define the success of failure of one's attempts at beekeeping.

The Dangers of Exotic Pets

Many people are excited by the idea of owning exotic pets. However, it can be difficult to keep and care for an exotic pet because its food and habitat may be hard to collect and reproduce. Additionally, these pets have often not been domesticated for thousands of years, such as cats and dogs. This can lead to dangerous situations for both the owner and any visitors.
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