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Chickens And Their Roots

More and more people are getting involved with chickens, it is a special part of a farmers life as well, but before getting in the mood to add chickens in to one's life, is important to establish the purpose the chickens will have once they join in. Is it meat we are interested, or is it egg production we want, or are they going to be simply pets?

Life in the Coop

Chickens have a high respiration rate, they release high quantities of carbon dioxide at the same time they use up the available air supply. In turn high quantities of moisture and heat are also let out. It is probably that because of this, they also are susceptible to respiratory problems, ventilation and air circulation in a coop is essential to their well being.

Medicated Chicken Feed And Egg Production

Young chicks that are on medicated feed are perfectly fine for the time being, they normally wont start egg production until after four months. But every now and then a chick or two may start laying eggs early while still on medicated food.

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop?

In order to build a chicken coop, you should first find out the zoning specifications as well as any other legal regulations in your city. Note that some states do not allow residents to raise chickens as pets!

Raising Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats are one of the popular breeds that are domesticated. These animals originated in the African continent and were imported into the US during the 1950s. They are very affable even with kids and have commercial value as well.

How to Hatch Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are hatched in a similar fashion as chicken eggs. Hatching a duck egg is not only easy, but also quite rewarding if it is done in the right manner.

3 Big Advantages of Chicken Coops! Find Out How Can a Hen House Triple Your Current Egg Production

In this article I will show you how effective chicken coops can be! I will reveal 3 big advantages of having a chicken house for your beloved birds. Hen houses can drastically increase your current revenue!

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In this article I will show you how you can increase your current egg production and triple your current revenue! I will show you how to be a professional and successful poultry farmer! Did you know there are thousands of successful millionaire poultry farmers out there?

Miniature Pigs - The Pig Guide

The notably most famous breed of miniature pig right now is the Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs. Famous for their exaggerated potbellies and swayed backs, these pigs weighs about fifty pounds and have the average height of fourteen inches.
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