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Stay in Your Home Mortgage Free For a Very Long Time - Secret Strategies They Don't Want You to Know

It's common knowledge that the current Obama administration attempted to initiate several changes within the mortgage industry to alleviate the critical situation involving foreclosures that has been taking place over the past several years. Despite the effort, the changes that were implemented had little effect, and large numbers of homeowners were placed in the situation of facing the reality that they were on their own regarding the foreclosure process. Most of these new programs are so full of red tape and so burdensome that it is impossible to meet the requirements and, as a...

Steps of a Foreclosure Process - Extend Those Steps and Stay in Your Home Over 3 Years Payment-Free!

As the economy went into a downward spiral the mortgage loan industry, over the last couple of years, took a particularly hard hit. As the country's unemployed became higher, so did the delinquencies of mortgage loans.

Looking To Buy A Home? Look Into Foreclosures For A Great Deal

Home foreclosures are at an all time high. Our economy is on the mend but there is a lingering affect for people who purchased homes years past and are now really paying for it with their livelihood and their home. What was once a great investment for the future and a lifetime has become a burden and a total loss.

How to Delay a Foreclosure Process Indefinitely With Highly Effective Legal and Little Know Tricks!

President Obama had good intentions when his presidency began and he initiated the mortgage modification program. In spite of his good intentions, large numbers of homeowners lost their homes to the foreclosure process. However, there is an undisclosed fact you might not be aware of.

Learn How Foreclosure Works and Delay the Process Until You Qualify For a Loan Modification Program

If you are in a position to postpone the process of foreclosure, it's essential to understand the entire process. If you are armed with knowledge about the ins and outs of the process and the procedures that take place, the chances of successfully postponing a foreclosure on your home increase dramatically.

How Can You Stop Repossession?

Stop repossession has become something of a political ticking time bomb in the UK given the record levels of debt and bankruptcy that sweeps through the nation like an insidious cancer. More and more hard pressed homeowners are now finding themselves having to use what little financial resources they have in a desperate, doomed attempt to stop repossession. There will no doubt be some people who regard the issue of trying to stop repossession as little more than a failure in the absurd, after all, if you can't keep up with your mortgage payments why should the...

First Time Homebuyer: The Pros and Cons of Opting for a Foreclosure

As a first time homebuyer, this typically means that you get a great deal. On that same note, opting for bank owned foreclosures does have its pros and cons.

The Process of Foreclosure

When you own a home and fail to make a mortgage payment, your bank may begin the foreclosure process on your property. The foreclosure process is the process by which lenders take the properties of people who owe them money.

How to Stop Foreclosure and Stay in Your Home

The majority of homeowners finding themselves facing foreclosure have figured out that qualifying for the government's loan adjustment program was more difficult than first believed. To be exact, less than ten percent of potential homeowners have been in a position to actually qualify for program assistance, the rest are being rejected.

Defending Against Foreclosure

In today's tough economic climate, many people have found themselves in financial crisis. Many of these people who are struggling to pay monthly bills, get out of debt, and make mortgage payments don't know where to turn for help and relief. If you are worried that your home may be foreclosed upon and you don't know how to defend yourself and your assets, there is help available for you. A skilled attorney who is familiar with foreclosure defense can help you evaluate the legal options available to you in this difficult time.
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