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Auto Racing

Monster Beats Headphone Give You Sense of Superiority

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NASCAR Hall of Fame - A Little Information

On March 6, 2006, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina was chosen to be the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors major contributors, great all time crew chiefs and owners, and of course, great NASCAR drivers.

What Is Formula D Racing?

Unless you are an aficionado of racing cars, there is a good chance that you have not heard of Formula D Racing. Formula D has its followers of course, yet it is still not as commonly known as the other kinds of racing like Formula One, Drag Car Racing, NASCAR or Cross Country Rallying. This is partly because it is a pretty new form of car racing.

Design Features Of Formula One Racing Cars

There is no question that Formula One racing is a gripping motor sport for those interested in cars, speed, engineering and design. The design of these Formula One cars is crucial to the speed that the car will travel at, and it is also imperative for the safety of the driver. For this latter reason, there are strict design rules applying to all cars in this motor sport and any car that does not abide by the rules is banned from taking part in the races.

Investing In Go Kart Racing

If you would like to get into some form of motor sport, yet are completely horrified by the costs involved, perhaps you have overlooked go kart racing. All right, nothing is cheap anymore, but go karting is relatively cheap in comparison with its far more expensive cousins like Formula One, Formula Drifting, NASCAR and Cross Country Rallying. You can get into go kart racing as a spectator, as an investor in a team or as part of an active team as a mechanic or driver.

Sports Car Racing: Speeding With Safety

Do you like driving fast? If you are into driving fast for fun, sport or recreation, perhaps you should try amateur sports car racing. You can hire racing cars by the hour or by the number of circuits at most racing tracks. Sports car racing is a sport that is increasing in popularity. Sports car racing has always been a well-liked spectator sport, but not people can take part in it as well.

How To Qualify For The Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is money-wise the biggest stock car racing event on the NASCAR racing calendar and it is also distinctive for the fashion that drivers have to qualify for a starting position in it. The Daytona 500's exclusive qualifying process was designed by the pioneer of NASCAR, Bill France, who also wrote most of the other rules and regulations governing the sport in the present day. He had two main objectives for changing the rules for the Daytona 500: firstly, to boost income from the race because the venue for the Daytona 500 is so expensive and secondly, to better prepare the drivers by making them have to meet the criteria under racing circumstances.

How The NASCAR Starting Order Is Worked Out

All NASCAR races make use of NASCAR qualifying results to help work out the starting positions of the vehicles in the race. However, it is not merely as simple as that because the starting positions are not only determined by qualifying results.

The Difference Between Formula D and Stock Car Racing

If you have any interest in auto sports at all, you will surely have heard of stock car racing. The term 'stock car' simply refers to the fact that the cars used to be stock items at local garages. Consequently, stock car racing includes NASCAR and dirt track racing. These are the most widespread varieties of stock car racing, but there is another that is far less well-known. It is called Formula D or Formula Drifting

What Type of Cars Are NASCAR Cars?

Stock car racing was really born out of the desire of owners of customized stock (meaning: 'off the sales lot') cars to show off their vehicles, craftsmanship and driving expertise. The need to 'soup up' these stock cars came from the wish to escape the law enforcement agencies pursuing them when they were running moonshine or put another way, bootlegging.
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