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All About Netball

With its rapid rise to popularity, it is really easy to see why netball has now become one of the top sports across the world. Aside from the growing number of organized competitions, many manufacturers are now creating products and items specifically for the game.

How Do You Think of Nike

In the world of basketball, we should attach great importance to number twenty-three. Michael Jordan and his number twenty-three brought about a time that is new for Nike.

Rush out to get perfect 2012 Brand Elite

Nike Elite series of shoes are launched for us buying from the retailers or online store from April 28, 2012. Nike Elite series of shoes are not only light in weight, but also more flexible and comfortable since high quality materials and high tech are utilized to produce them. Nike Elite series including Nike Kobe VII System, Nike Zoom Hyperdunk and LeBron 9 can ensure athletes better performance advantages. Paying close attention on its innovation, Nike at last launches Nike Elite.

How to Play Basketball Best

For a basketball lover, practice and psychological state are very important. You must show your greatest value. Cross steps and dribble are most significant parts. Do not look down upon cross steps and dribble and they are very helpful.

Nike Shoes Are Welcomed by Women People

For women who want to wear basketball shoes of the brand of Nike, various types are provided for them. For the consideration of women people, more and more shoes colors and styles are emerging.

Nike Basketball Shoes: the Recorder of Brilliance of NBA Stars

In this article; the author mainly presents us some Nike basketball shoes which record the brilliant moments of famous NBA players. As a famous company, Nike has witnessed many great moments in different areas.

Larry Bird Vs Earvin Johnson (Part Two)

The 83-84 season was a crucial one for both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. It being the year in which they became the class teams of the NBA who would basically with very few exceptions dominate basketball for the next 5 seasons with the Celtics winning 2 titles to the Lakers 3. It being a case of the 76ers not being contenders after 83 or at least for the rest of 80s.

Larry Bird VS Earvin Johnson

There have been many great individual rivalries in sports through out the ages which have seen great players compete against each other in ways that not only brought out the best in each other. These being the kind of matches in which one was never really sure who would come out on top but one could always count on seeing great encounters as well as magnificent displays of talent and skill from both players.

Jumping Higher For Basketball - Here's How It's Possible!

Jumping higher for basketball is a goal that almost everyone that plays the game has. If you can increase your vertical you can drastically improve your game and become a better player. You will be able to play better defense, improve the range of your jump shot and maybe most exciting - you will be able to dunk the ball!

How To Jump Higher So You Can Dunk

Most people who play basketball dream of being able to dunk the ball. Dunking is the most exciting move in the sport and an automatic way to intimidate your opponents and excite the crowd. For players wondering how to jump higher and dunk the ball, today we're going to explain how it's possible.
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