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Fish Ponds

Save Our Fish Ponds - Don't Inadvertently Introduce New Species

Sport anglers, there is a growing problem in America today. There are a growing number of new species of plant life and animal life being introduced to our public and private waters. In many cases, our waters don't have the means to support these new species without creating havoc on the ecosystems we love and respect.

Caring For Your Fish Pond During the Summer

The summer is the most pleasant time of the year to sit in the garden with your favourite ice-cold drink and gaze at your fish and the rest of your garden. It is the liveliest period of the year for both your pond and your garden flowers and the birds and the bees are at their most lively as well.

The Importance of Keeping Your Koi Pond Clean

The first concern of any koi pond keeper, indeed of any fish pond keeper, it to preserve the pond water at a high level of hygiene. This basically means that you have to keep the nitrate and ammonia levels down. However, the fish will not help in this endeavour, and nor can they, since they live and defecate in their surroundings, the water. You can accurately say that the live in their own toilet bowl.

Essential Koi Pond Supplies

If you are new to looking after koi carp in your backyard fish pond, you may be asking yourself what supplies you ought to keep in stock and what you can afford to buy as and when you need them. The answer to that question, is probably that it depends how far away your closest pet shop is. However, it is a good idea to pick up provisions to put in stock, when you see that something is on special offer.

Your Very Own Backyard Pond

If you have a backyard or back garden, you can have a fish pond. They are not expensive to build and if you make it yourself it is obviously even cheaper. You can make your own pond pretty easily, you just have to keep a few things in mind when you plan where you are going to put it and how big it will be.

The Four Seasons of a Koi Pond

Fish ponds, including koi ponds, come awake in the spring after a winter of semi-dormancy. As soon as the temperature rises above 10C (50F), your fish become more lively and your plants will begin growing again. This means that it is a great opportunity to do some upkeep - a spring clean - because you will not shock or stress your dormant fish. If you attempt it any earlier, you will upset your fish in their slumber and any later and you may disturb breeding.

How to Make the Perfect Koi Pond

When thinking about how to make the perfect koi pond, you first have to think about where you are going to site the koi pond and what it will look like. These questions have two governing factors: where you would like it to go and where it should go for the sake of the fish.

Aerating Your Backyard Fish Pond Water

Are you interested in having a backyard or garden fish pond or water garden? A fish pond definitely sets a garden off and becomes a focal and talking point for guests to your garden.

Winter Care Tips For Backyard Fish Ponds

The fish in your backyard fish pond will be semi-dormant for the duration of the winter, that is to say that they will almost hibernate, but not quite. You will see your fish lying on the bottom of your pond scarcely moving a muscle. They will be living off stores of fat that they have built up throughout the summer, but they may choose to eat every now and again, so you have to keep giving food, but in very reduced quantities.

How to Build a Backyard Fish Pond

A backyard fish pond will augment the beauty of your garden, there is no question about that. A backyard fish pond will add a focal point to a messy garden and will make a beautiful backyard or garden even more attractive. There is something happy about the gurgling and splashing of fresh water.
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