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Martial Arts

What Are The Best Mixed Martial Arts Classes To Take?

Want to know the best mixed martial arts classes to take? Here are some of the best classes for MMA training.

MMA Tips and Tricks - Learn How To Train For Mixed Martial Arts

Here are some useful MMA tips and tricks. Learn how to train for mixed martial arts with these tips.

How To Start Training MMA - 3 Tips To Start Mixed Martial Arts Training Now

Want to learn how to start training MMA? Here's 3 things to get you going.

The Use of MMA Shin Guards

The acronym, MMA stands for mixed martial arts. MMA shin guards are employed in the contest of mixed martial arts. this full body contact sport incorporates traditional martial arts with elements of kickboxing. It allows the use of grappling techniques along with striking and fierce contest.

Bangkok Bouts in Thailand - Martial Arts

Bangkok boasts of eight major stadiums where you can watch a weekly dose of the city's hardest fighters in this "art of eight limbs." Muay Thai is often called the "Science of eight limbs" as the sport incorporates the use of punches, elbows, kicks, and knees which are known as the eight points of contact.

Mixed Martial Arts Training - How To Become Fight Ready In 6 Months

Want to learn mixed martial arts training and be fight ready in 6 months? Here's what you need to do.

Martial Arts Tips and Strategies to Help Overcome Fear

If you are learning martial arts and you want to master this art of self-defense, you may find a lot of things to learn from techniques to combat positions as well as discipline. However, one of the things that a martial artist needs to combat is the fear during fights.

Master Martial Arts - A Few Easy and Useful Tips

Martial arts is one of the popular and very useful skill that you can use anywhere you go. It is also one of the 'cool' things that you can do to protect yourself or as a self-defense for you and for people close to you.

Ninja Training At Home - A Mini Course In How To Become a Ninja

Here's a mini course in how to become a ninja. You can do ninja training at home. Here's how.

Become A Ninja - 3 Options For Ninja Training

Here's how to become a ninja. Three different options for ninja training.
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