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Mountain Biking

Bike Accessories You Can't Do Without

Bikes can be accessorized. Some of the accessories are essential while others are optional. When you know what you can do with your stock bike, the possibilities are endless.

Reasons To Choose A Three Speed Bike

Transitioning from a simple bike to more complex one is a possibility. You can choose a three speed bike to ride various terrain smoothly and effortlessly.

Before You Go Ahead and Buy That Bike…

Pushing the pedals these days is something people do just for fitness’ sake or to save on gas. Whatever your reasons are for resurrecting that old bike from the garage and renewing your interest in biking or deciding to buy a bike to join the crowd, note that there are factors you need to consider before plunking down some hard-earned cash on these contraptions. Read on and find out what they are.

The Benefits of Light Frames on Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is a pretty competitive sport, well you may compete with your fellow bikers out there on the track but your biggest opponent will always be your self. You may have all the skills required for long distance biking, but maneuvering the bicycle in unfriendly terrains is far different from ordinary road biking. You may find your legs slowly getting harder and your bicycle slowly getting heavier as you cover longer distance, and when in steep trails your biggest enemy will be gravity. It will constantly pull you down, and if you are not in good condition, you might consider giving up.

The Importance of Light Frames on Mountain Bikes

We can compare the frame of the mountain bike to the backbone of our skeletal system, it is the major part of a bicycle, everything is attached on it from tires, chain, handlebar, gears, etc. It is the main part that makes up a good bike. The frame is usually the basis of most people to classify good bikes from regular ones.

Mountain Bikes For Healthy Living

Biking is slowly becoming a world famous sport, right now it is one of most popular outdoor activity for Americans and Europeans. More and more people now are falling in love with this sport, the challenge of rough overcoming rough terrains and the fun of being close to nature is one great way to exercise, get into shape and escape from the stressful life in the city.

An Electric Mountain Bicycle and How to Have Even More Fun Mountain Biking

Purists reckon they're for cheaters, but an electric mountain bicycle can easily turn a bike trip around and make it far more exciting and enduring. Speed, torque and higher energy levels for you to enjoy yourself can't be a bad thing, right?

Montague's Folding Mountain Bikes

Commuter routes are getting more crowded these days which is why many of us are using bicycles for all or part of the journey to work. This practice means that folding bikes that fit in the car or on a train will certainly create big share in the market today. The only problem is that, the average foldaway is only designed for a gentle on-road use up until today.

HARO Folding Mountain Bikes

Folding mountain bikes are quite famous nowadays. For bicycle riders who are looking forward to great outdoor adventure, they opt to choose mountain bikes that are easy to carry, convenient and practical. On the other hand, there are also some who want a mean of transportation that would allow them to commute without hassle.

Folding Mountain Bike

Nowadays, there are plenty of various types and styles of mountain bikes that you can choose from. The folding mountain bike is among the most popular types. A folding mountain bike is extremely popular due to the fact that it is incredibly mobile and there are also a lot of valid reasons why this kind of bike has remained on top.
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