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Scuba Diving

Tech Diving instructor training in Thailand

PADI tech snorkeling Thailand course will let you learn about jump concept, snorkeling abilities, the jump market and business, risk management and the legal required jump instructors.

Tips for Scuba Diving In The Caribbean

If you have ever dreamed of scuba diving, the Caribbean has to be one of the places on your list to try. The water is pristine and the visibility is incredible most of the year.

Scuba Trip Report - Learning to Dive on a Liveaboard Holiday on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Do you want to learn how to scuba dive, but can't wait to get out onto Australia's Great Barrier Reef? I recently took a trip on the Scubapro liveaboard that combines Open Water Diver courses with liveaboard holidays. I had loads of fun along the way, read more to find out for yourself.

What Are Your Chances of Diving With Seahorses? The Ecological Considerations For Seahorse Survival

With divers, size doesn't always matter. Seahorses are amongst the tiniest critters in the ocean, but getting their picture is often the sole aim of underwater photographers. Find out more about their chances of survival and where best to dive with seahorses

Scuba Divers Can Make Great Buddies Or Be Extremely Annoying - Which Type Are You?

If you have ever been bored by the self-proclaimed dive legend recounting their absolutely unbelievable dive encounters, then you'll enjoy this article. Ever hired a smelly wetsuit? Divers can have some pretty annoying habits. Sometimes we need a little humour to deal with their idiosyncracies.

Do You Want to Know More About Liveaboard Diving in the Sinai Peninsula?

Red Sea liveaboard trips run itineraries that take in the best of the Sinai Peninsula diving region, from the straits of Tiran across to the Thistlegorm. Other liveaboard itineraries focus on the southern section of the Sinai Peninsula and the wrecks of northern Hurghada. Fully-inclusive liveaboards are highly cost effective and minimise travel time between Sinai dive sites.

Macro Diving - For Those Scuba Divers Who Make a Big Deal About the Small Stuff

Want to know what all the fuss is about macro diving? Why do scuba divers make such a big deal over the tiny critters hidden in crevices and and sandy sea floors? It's truly fascinating - find out why.

Scuba Diving Destination Koh Samui in Thailand Has it All

One of Thailand's best loved islands, Koh Samui's charms are evident as soon as you arrive at its award-winning thatch-roofed airport. When you stay on the island of Samui you will not only enjoy the excellent beaches and wonderful nightlife, but you will also have access to the best diving in this part of Thailand.

Fascinating Facts About Scuba Diving With Seahorses

Illusive and fascinating, seahorses are amazing little critters that camouflage themselves well in their natural habitat. Find out more about their breeding patterns, what they eat and where to scuba dive with seahorses.

Do You Know Where You Can Dive With Turtles? Is it True That Turtles Are Endangered?

Luckily for scuba divers, all but the Leatherback are found predominantly in coastal areas. Leatherbacks are highly oceanic and venture into shallower water only for breeding purposes.
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