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Future Concepts

The Awakening of Life

For me, in my mind each life on this planet has a choice which is an individual proposition for all to win or lose. Read into this article what you will, but life as a whole needs to change on this Earth in order to be a winning proposition for all who want a winning proposition.

The Future of Thought Streaming

The idea of thought streaming came up on a blog recently, I haven't thought about this subject for about thirty years but I remember my imagine was just as strong then. Is it possible to get information from the brain, or the mind, unintrusively.

Life Version 0.1 Beta

A new revolution is underway that is going to further stretch our understanding of what life is and how it presents itself in the material world. Another step forward has been made and the first synthetic life form has been created by a team led by Dr. J. Craig Venturer and the results published in Science, magazine.

Gold in Architecture

When one thinks of gold, the first thing that usually comes to mind is jewelry, generally followed by coinage, buried treasure and the recent upsurge in the recycling of the precious metal (not necessarily in that order). While these are all common uses, the possible applications are numerous.

New Conflicting Trends in Education

This article discusses the conflicting trends in education. These conflicting trends are in the area of cost, methodology, and results.
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