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Blu-ray Ripper

Soft4file Blu-Ray Ripper is capable of ripping both Blu-ray discs and standard DVDs to your required HD or SD media formats.Soft4File Blu-ray Ripper can rip Blu-ray films to almost all popular video & audio formats with high speed and quality.With full Blu-ray disc supports, it is able to remove different copy protections of your commercial Blu-ray discs, no matter AACS, or BD+. The new released MKB V17 protection is supported as well.

Blu-ray DVD to Video Ripper

One of the problems is that Soft4file Blu-ray and HD DVD formats are incompatible -- that means your Blu-ray player won't play HD DVD movies, and your HD DVD machine won't be able to read Blu-ray movies. There is currently one player on the market that will play both, but as with many players which are first to market it's been plagued with reports of compatibility problems.

What Are Challenges of Human Rights to United Nation

Did United Nations activities in human rights were effective in supporting developing countries to fight hunger, women, malnutrition, disease and poverty and the right to development? Did United Nations activities of human rights have been effective in dealing with terrorists and bad people and the country of state terrorists
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