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Dream Meaning and Your Attitude - Should You Trust Dream Messages and Their Warnings?

You may prefer to see dreams giving you information about how to make money. However, first of all, the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams will give you information about your mental health. If you lose your mind, money won't give you back your conscience. After guaranteeing sound mental health, the unconscious mind will teach you how to solve your financial problems.

Dream Interpretation - Can You Translate Dreams Without Keeping a Dream Journal?

The anti-conscience wants to destroy your conscience. This is why it makes you do what generates despair. This is how it will manage to destroy your human conscience through craziness. In your despair, you'll accept its absurd suggestions and do something terrible, completely losing your mind. You have to be very careful when you are with your mother in dreams. The unconscious mind provides you with detailed psychotherapy in the dream messages. When you'll master the dream language, you'll immediately understand the meaning of all dreams.

Dream Analysis - Understanding Dreams and Their Psychological Importance

Consciousness is your capacity to discern what is good and what is bad. You have a huge anti-conscience that is totally absurd and doesn't understand the meaning of goodness, and a tiny human conscience that is under-developed. As you eliminate the absurd content you have inherited in your anti-conscience, you develop the sensibility of your human conscience. The content of your brain that stops belonging to your anti-conscience because you have acquired consciousness, starts belonging to the human side of your conscience. Thus, your human conscience becomes stronger and your anti-conscience becomes weaker. Your dreams reflect this movement.

The Real Meaning of Dreams - A True Prediction Verified Into Practice

The unconscious mind gives you very clear information in dreams when you are in danger, or when something very important is happening in your life. I remember a dream I saw three years before getting married, in which a voice was telling me that my husband would stop loving me after a short period of time. I was 19 years old. I even related this dream to my husband. He told me that he would love me forever. However, this dream was revealing a bitter truth that I couldn't see. My husband didn't love me.

Carl Jung's Psychology - Understanding Strange Thoughts and Reactions

Nobody cares about craziness prevention because nobody knows how much craziness they have inherited in the biggest part of their brain. Many people even feel offended with the idea of being considered crazy. However, the biggest percentage of the population of our world suffers from mental illnesses or undiagnosed mental disorders. Another big percentage is composed by depressed, neurotic, bipolar, psychotic, or schizophrenic individuals who are looking for psychotherapy, without ever finding peace and mental health. Everyone can easily lose their minds, even if they have never had strange thoughts like me, when I was 28 years old.

Increasing Your Brain Power and Helping Others - Carl Jung's Method of Dream Interpretation

The scientific method of dream interpretation based on Carl Jung's discoveries and those of my own, is a gift to the world. This method helps you solve all problems because you are in contact with the saintly and wise unconscious mind that knows everything. The unconscious wisdom shows you the origin of each problem and helps you find real solutions. You will transform your wild conscience (anti-conscience) into a human component of your conscience and stop being bothered by its craziness. This means that you'll freely evolve without limitations; attaining higher levels of consciousness.

Determining the Meaning of a Recurring Nightmare

All recurring dreams indicate danger, even when they are not nightmares. If the dreamer doesn't do something important or necessary in his or her life, he or she will face tragic future consequences. The dreamer must follow the unconscious guidance in the dream messages in order to prevent what is bad. When the recurring dreams are nightmares, this means that the dreamer must prevent very dangerous situations. Let's begin by determining the meaning of a recurring nightmare. Kathy believes that she has a normal life and that she should feel fine. However, she has the following recurring nightmare:

The Meaning of a Dream About Yourself

The anti-conscience is your violent, primitive personality, that doesn't want to be tamed by your sensibility. Your humanity is concentrated in the tiny part of your brain that possesses human characteristics like goodness, generosity, and forgiveness. However, there are also many negative characteristics in your human conscience, because it is one-sided and thus, absurd. It needs development. Besides this fact, your human conscience is controlled by your ego. Your ego is stupid, ridiculous, and totally selfish. The ego represents the absurdity contained in your human conscience.

Dreams' Meaning - What Can You Learn When You Interpret Dreams?

The scientific translations tell you the truth. They won't tell you that you are smart and you'll become rich to make you like what you'll learn. They are not commercial translations based on suppositions like the dream interpretations of all the impostors who pretend to be translating dreams. The scientific translations are based on a true comprehension of the symbolic meaning of the dream images. They correct your mistakes, showing you how to be wise. By interpreting the meaning of your dreams, you learn how to become a self-confident person, and find answers to all questions.

The Meaning of Dreams and Your Life - Carl Jung's Dream Theories and Real Love Challenges

Dreams follow the unconscious logic, which is not based on selfishness, like the logic followed by our conscience. We are selfish creatures, and this is why we protect our ego more than anything else. However, our ego is absurd because it is ignorant and insatiable. Dreams are basically warnings and lessons that protect our mental stability. For example, the figures of the animus or anima, which represent our perfect match, protect our mental health from many traps. Love is near craziness because it makes us become even more selfish than what we usually are. The animus or anima are archetypes.
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