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Getting Organized For an Amazing Anniversary

What once began as just the two of you is now a house, two cars, a dog, two kids, and countless bills to pay and chores to do. It's hard to keep everything running smoothly, but it's relatively easy to lose sight of why you chose that person in the first place. That's why anniversaries are so important.

Make Your Anniversary Dinner One to Remember

If you are married, you know that your anniversary is one of the most important days of the year. Some people like to build a big vacation around this day, while others simply like a day at home with their wife or husband.

Anniversary Milestones

Anniversaries are important and you'll want to gift accordingly. Use this as a quick reference next time you've got one coming up.

Have a Special Wedding Anniversary This Year

A wedding anniversary is an excellent opportunity to show your significant other how important he or she is to you. This event should be celebrated every year, as it gives married couples a chance to honor the commitment that changed both of their lives in a dramatic way.

Some Awesome Silver Wedding Gift Ideas

Silver anniversary marks twenty five years of togetherness for a couple. It celebrates the success of the marriage. So, when you are invited for a twenty fifth anniversary party, the most important question that lurks in your mind is- 'what you should take as gift.

A Guide to Celebrating the 20th Wedding Anniversary

The twentieth year wedding anniversary is a large one, and traditionally is the anniversary where couples finally begin to include their friends and family in their celebrations. This does not mean that you cannot celebrate with one another privately, but to have reached twenty happy years with your husband or wife is certainly cause for a grand celebration.

A Guide to Celebrating the 5th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are important occasions that should be celebrated every year between you and your spouse. The fifth year wedding anniversary is a large one, and a true milestone in a strong and sturdy relationship. What you decide to do in order to celebrate your fifth year wedding anniversary is ultimately up to you and your spouse, and you can decide to celebrate privately or to invite friends and loved ones into the celebration as well if you choose. Here is a collection of unique ideas for celebrating your 5th Wedding Anniversary.

A Guide to Celebrating the 10th Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally, wedding anniversaries under the 20 year mark are usually acknowledged only by the couple themselves, however, today it's not unusual for gatherings and celebrations to take place as early as the fifth year. The tenth year of marriage marks the first full decade of life spent together, and many couples are choosing to mark the occasion with an anniversary party, while others prefer to acknowledge the day with their own private celebration. Either way, ten years of marriage is indeed something special to celebrate!
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