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Dating for Boomers

Dating For Over Forties - 3 Ways To Meet Single Women

Dating in your early 20's is a lot of fun and in many ways its easy. Virtually everybody is either single or unattached and there is a general sense of willingness between guys and girls to meet romantically. As you get older the playing field quite literally gets culled and by the time you are 30 most people are either in long term relationships or married.

Dating in Retirement

Choosing a retirement home can be a rewarding experience. With the freedom retirement brings you have many living options available to you in Florida.

Over 50s Dating Booms in London, UK

Like as in other cities, London too has its fair share of citizens, aged 50 and above, who are on the lookout for dating. There are so many things that this city has on offer that one can spend days on end checking them out. It has some of the best place for taking your date to.

Dating Seniors - Where to Meet Them

When a person finds themselves suddenly single and over 50 they often fear that the rest of their life will be lonely. They would like to start dating, but where does one meet other single seniors. Actually, there are lots of places to meet, you just have to get out there and do it. Here are a few suggestions:

Over 50 Dating Can Be Just Plain Scary to Start!

There are so many stories about bad experiences of persons over 50 dating that it is hard to know what to believe. Is over 50 dating safe or stupid? Let's try to answer that question.

Finding a Meaningful Relationship - 4 Simple Tips For Looking in the Right Places

Many boomers are looking for meaningful relationships. A good relationship can lengthen your life span, impace your health, and bring great satisfaction and joy to your life. This article will give you 4 simple tips for looking in the right places.

Point of View - The Male Boomer and Long-term Relationships

Both men and women are short changed when sweeping generalizations are applied to the male psyche. Men cannot all be painted with broad strokes. Some comments from a poll we took may help build a more complex picture of the midlife male perspective, particularly concerning long-term relationships.
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