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How to Bypass the Road to Divorce

Are you and your partner worried about money in these uncertain times? During any economic crisis, couples have to face tough financial decisions. This can lead to an increase in stress and aggravate problems that already exist in your marriage. These tips can keep you off the road to divorce.

Before Getting a Divorce: Things to Consider Before Filing Divorce

Is your married life going downhill nowadays? Do you feel that your relationship still deserves a second try? Are you already thinking of divorce but feels that there are still things that you need to consider before getting a divorce?

Preparing For Inevitable Divorce: Be Ready For Your Future

Is inevitable divorce in your future? Are you simply biding your time, waiting for the day you are finally separated? Are you afraid for what might happen in the future, or are you looking forward to getting a new lease on life? Many women who are facing inevitable divorce are frightened, yet they feel a sense of excitement. This time of limbo can be a time to grow stronger within yourself - so when the time comes to leave your marriage behind, you can move forward with positive momentum.

Common Causes of Divorce - What to Look Out For

Are you aware of the common causes of divorce and you want to really steer clear of them? Do you believe you'd have a better chance of having a happy marriage if you knew the common causes of divorce? Have you heard couples complain about their significant other and it seems it's always the same common causes of divorce that come between them?

Why Couples Get Divorced

Is there really a third party that breaks up the relationship? Are the children really affected? Who's to blame for the breakup? Will there be any possibility that the couple will get back together after the divorce? What makes a couple decide to untie the knot after years of being together, and having a child or children?

Religious Beliefs and Divorce

Depending on your religious beliefs, divorce may or may not be an option that you consider when you are in an unhappy marriage. Many individuals will allow themselves to remain in unhealthy relationships because they do not want to go against the teachings of their religion.

Never Mind The Reasons To Divorce - It's The Size Of The Industry!

I saw this quoted from a divorce lawyer's point of view. "It gives a whole new meaning to the saying 'no pain, no gain.'" But of course lawyers have been making money off other people's misery and misfortune ever since the firm of Ug, Ug, Ug and Og hung out their stone shingle.

Reasons for Divorce - When to Work at It and When to Let Go

Are you questioning whether you have the right reasons to divorce your husband? Have you been having a rough time and you don't know if you can take living with him anymore, but you're not sure your reasons for a divorce are valid enough? Would you prefer to make it work, but your reasons to divorce might be irreparable?

Reasons for Divorce - When to Give Up

Do you wonder if you have the right reasons for a divorce? Are you jumping the gun and you've not given your marriage a fair chance? Do you think your reasons for divorce might be viewed as childish and immature?

Reversing The Divorce Decision - 4 Things That WILL Work

You're a travelling man. Your company has you going all over the country and occasionally abroad on their business. You enjoy your job, but when you come home, your wife has always been up to her do-it-yourself projects.
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