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Seven Deadly Sins Committed in Friendship

There are certain areas in all friendships that are marked as 'no go areas'. These are places that stretch the friendship to a limit and result in its breakdown. A good friendship is a partnership that is built on loyalty, trust, love and dedication for both people concerned.

Online Friendship With a Twist

Online friendships are popular due to the comfort in anonymity and feel of the virtual world. But sometimes, one needs a more vivid version of friendship and yet not too personal one, here comes the concept of renting a friend online. People can now choose to befriend a member online, decide an agreeable rate per hour and spend time together without any strings attached!

The Perfect Friendship - On Rent

Most of us dream of befriending the ever elusive 'perfect' friend. A friend who will have the same interests, listens to you for hours, lets you give a self-proclaiming speech without interrupting, suggests unbiased tips on one's love life and the like. Well, now it seems, the perfect friendship can be realized at the click of the mouse.

Love and Heart Symbolism – Why the Heart is Used to Represent Love

The heart is most well known symbol for love. Of so many things that can be associated with love, why is it that heart is being used as the sign of love? Read on to learn how the two are alike in so many ways.

What Can You Do About Feeling Lonely While Living Alone?

Sometimes when you live alone, you can start to feel lonely. Find out some things that you can do that will help you when feeling lonely.

Get Unstuck By Making New Friends

Just as we get in ruts doing the same things over and over again, we get in ruts with our friends. We find ourselves doing the same things, saying the same things and hearing the same things over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating that you get rid of your old friends. I am suggesting that adding a new friend now and then will tune you in to new things and new ideas. It will freshen your life up a bit and will give new new things to talk about, see, hear and do. That can be an exhilarating addition to your life.

Great Gift Ideas For People You Don't Know Well

If you don't know someone that well, it's hard to buy them a gift. Find out a list of gift ideas that you can use to get them a gift.

Why the Small Things Are Important in Friendship

A good friendship is truly defined by the individuals involved in it. The big things that they do for each other will come into play now and then. Most times this is what we believe makes the friendship stable. We may not hear from our friends in ages but if they are true to us we know they will be available when we need them. This is a good omen but there is another side to friendship, which is to do with the little things. The fact remains that if we can't deliver the little things then what makes us so certain that we shall be there for the bigger things.

How To Be Platonic Friends With a Guy

It is possible to have a platonic friendship with a guy when you are a woman. Find out what you should do to make this process work and what should be avoided.

Why Help From a Friend May Be Declined

There are times when we go out of our way to offer help and support to others, only for this to be declined for no reason at all or for reasons that make little sense. It is difficult to understand why this happens given the obvious circumstance of despair that we can see this people in. The fact is despite our poor understanding of why this could happen these reasons make perfect sense to those who decline our help.
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