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How to Maintain a Connection Through Affection

Without affection, we wither and die. So do our relationships. This article stresses the importance of affection and offers ways in which you can rebuild what you might have lost or forgotten.

Do Not Over-Invest in Others, Invest in Yourself

Most people over-invest in relationships with other people before fully investing in themselves. If you are not able to stand alone then you will never be able to stand along side someone else in a great relationship. The lesson - invest in yourself before over-investing in someone else.

How Is the State of Your Union?

The state of your union is up to you. If you are not a balanced individual you will not find a good relationship. Read on...

Kissing: An Ancient Practice and Current Marvel

People like to kiss. Whether it's your grandma, your dog or your significant other that you're kissing, people kiss. It's what we do. But did you know it's a science?

"Does He Really Love Me?" How to Find Out

Do you find yourself asking yourself over and over again: "Does he really love me?" Is it difficult to tell how the man you care about really feels? Wouldn't it be great if you had some sure-fire ways to know that a guy cares? Unless you're a psychic, you can't really ever know completely for sure what someone else is thinking. But you can learn to pick up clues by paying attention to someone's body language, tone of voice, and the words themselves. Next time you ask yourself: "Does he really love me?" - you may be able to learn the answer for yourself, if you follow these clues.

How to Find True Love

Do you wish you really knew how to find true love? Are you ready to try almost anything to find the man of your dreams? Are you tired of casual dating and ready to settle down with the right guy? Casual dating can be fun, but the time comes when you're ready to settle down with the guy you love and have a real future. If you feel that you've struck out when it comes to knowing how to find true love, start by answering a few questions from the experts.

Does He Love Me - Interpretations of His Actions

Do you like someone so much that you asked yourself, does he love me? Do you want to know if the guy you love loves you back? Are there ways to know if he has feelings for you? Naturally, men often hide their feelings. As much as they could, they do not show much feelings and emotions to other people, most especially to ladies.

Make Him Love You - The Tricks to Easily Make Him Love You

Have you ever loved a guy that you wanted to do everything to make him love you? Will it ever be easy to make him love you? Or, can you actually do something to make him love you? Truth is, it will be harder than you thought it was. Changing a guy's heart to our favor is a difficult challenge. We may seem to have done everything yet the results we get are still unfavorable.

How Do Men Fall in Love?

If you haven't asked this question yourself yet then you should have. Learning the process that a man typically undergoes when finding a girl they like will help you identify what you must and mustn't do in order to 'expedite' the process.

What Is True Love - A Choice or a Feeling?

What is true love? Can one really define or say that what he feels for somebody is true love? Is it automatic that if we always want to be with one person, talk to him everyday, spend our lifetime with him that is already true love?
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