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We Saved Our Marriage In An Inflatable Boxing Ring!

Is your marriage in turmoil? Do you have some deep hatred and anger nagging you? Would you like to release it? Then call your wife or husband and dare him to a boxing match! And you might just be surprised with the results.

Psychological studies indicate that venting all your fear, frustrations, and anger can actually be good for you. Psychologists say that if you can direct your hate towards something, then you're going to help yourself much. And your feelings towards the subject of your hate can improve tremendously.

Emotional Affair: Have You Entered a Danger Zone?

You don't wake up one day and decide to have an affair.

Queen and Prince Philip: The century-marriage


Liernais: rosewood wedding for the couple Periton


Lucienne and Maurice Periton celebrated their 65 years of marriage.

The christian louboutin shoes make you different

Firstly any individual thinks of is the ideal costume for your event. Just what you are likely to have on would certainly in addition depend upon your special occasion on which that celebration is definitely tossed and also the relative or even the interconnection you've got using the sponsor with the social gathering. Itrrrs this that numerous females overlook in addition to turn out to be around clothed at a bash.

Post Wedding Blues and How to Get Over Them

It is hard for many to admit that unexpected sadness can come with such a joyous occasion like marriage. In fact, nearly every newlywed will experience some form of post-wedding blues. No need to worry, these blues can be beat and you will be able to once again bask in the love you are celebrating.

Is Marriage Just a Form of Insurance Fraud?

We are told that marriage is for life, yet divorce is prevalent. We are told that marriage is good for children, yet divorce destroys them. Is marriage just an insurance scam? Could marriage become irrelevant if we were really honest about it? Do you need marriage to be in a great relationship? Read on.

Marital Counseling Can Help To Revive Marriages

It is very rare for couples to go in for marital Counseling unless they are very close to considering divorce or till matters have deteriorated to such an extent, that they are not sure whether they can go on with the marriage. Fortunately there are also quite a few couples who consider that they will benefit from talking to a professional counselor when they find that there are issues in their marriage that can become major problems. The most sensible of couples choose to consult a counselor even before they get married.

The Lessons We Can Apply to Marriage Through Climate Change Are Life Changing

You do not have to believe in climate change to see the benefits of solar energy. You do not have to believe in divorce to see the possibilities of realistic relationships built on something other than marriage.

The Truth About Marriage and Divorce and Their Effect on Children

Divorce is bad enough for the adults. Divorce often leads to suicidal thoughts in children. Is marriage really worth it?
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