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Moving on From a Relationship - Putting the Past Behind You

Are you fresh out of a tumultuous romance and you want to know how to move on from the relationship? Did you love him with all your heart and you can't believe he deceived you as he did, and your heart is completely broken? Do you need to move on from this relationship before the heartache drives you mad?

Christian Premarital Counseling

Are you thinking of getting some Christian premarital counseling before you take that big step? Has Christian premarital counseling been advised to you by friends and family, but you don't know where to find it? Have you been going through the internet wondering what advice to take or what to leave behind?

Lonesome and Unwanted People, Read the Writing on the Wall!

If you are lonesome, alone and "unwanted", you need to take some time alone, and improve your relationship with yourself. Read the writing and change the writing on the walls of your mind, brain and spirit.

How to Propose to a Man! Here Are the Tips Which Will Most Likely Get You a Positive Response

Getting a man to drop to one knee and propose can be a daunting task. This is particularly true among women who don't have any idea on how to begin. Most dating magazines would point out that you play servant and he'll soon get to notice. Well, why don't you try these pieces of advice first and take charge...

Rebound Relationships FAQ - Are Rebound Relationships Doomed to Fail?

Read several articles about rebound relationships and you are bound to come across statistics. 60-90% of rebound relationships fail - says who exactly? Are all rebound relationships doomed to fail?

Premarital Counseling?

This article will discuss some of the reasons that you and your future spouse should consider having premarital counseling before getting married. Sometimes, counseling can be great for developing strategies that one can use in the future, and one can catch problems before they become too serious. First, premarital counseling can provide a number of excellent strategies for communication and problem-solving that you may not have considered before.

Military Marriage Issues

You're in the military and want to get married, what do you need to do? Well, if you're stationed back home, there are no special requirements and you only need to comply with the laws of the State within which you are getting married. Typically, get a marriage license, maybe satisfy a residency test and find an authorized officiant to perform the service.

Getting Ready For the "Right" Relationship

Want that special relationship? Want to find Mr. or Ms. Right? First get ready. If you don't, you might just miss a really special person, someone you won't even notice because of your unfinished business. This article will help you figure out how to get ready.
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