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Restaurant Industry

Ice Machines: Restaurant/Bar Equipment you’ll Need to Invest In

Opening up bars or restaurants these days is more than just serving good food and drinks people will keep coming back for. There are things that need to be considered, costs to add up and equipment to buy. Read on to learn what these are so you can start toasting to your success.

Renovating Restaurants With Restaurant Furniture

Although most people are concerned about the food at a restaurant, the atmosphere and the interior design play a huge role in garnering customers. Whether you need to renovate because of a kitchen fire or disaster or are just looking to change the look of your restaurant, there are several ways you can create an inviting space. Before you even begin to think about paint color or new restaurant chairs, you first need to set a budget.

Top 10 Restaurant Chairs

There are many different styles of restaurant chairs from which to choose if you're just beginning a new business venture. Depending on what kind of restaurant you have you may consider one or many of the different options from this list.

Best Ways to Make a Great Restaurant Using Menu Covers and More

This article is about what makes a good restaurant - surprisingly, it's a lot more than just food. Menu covers, a guest check presenter and leather placemats are all a good idea.

How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out: From Restaurant Tables to Hiring Waiters

If you really want to make your restaurant stand out, there are a few items to pay attention to specifically. A great restaurant is so much more than just good food. Read on to see how to make your restaurant a grand success.

Starting a Small Business - Mobile Catering Business

If you are thinking of putting up a small business, you might want to venture into a mobile catering business. Of course, the food industry is one of the most lucrative industries you can venture into and if you have passion and interest in the food industry, starting a small food business can be a good option.

Home Catering Business - Tips on How to Start One

If you are thinking of putting up a small business at home, you may want to venture into a home catering business where you can use your cooking skills and business management into something that you can make money from. Starting a business, whether big or small can mean thorough planning. Of course, you have to have a good plan in order to have a good start in your business.

Small Catering Business - Small Business Idea You Can Start With

If you love the food industry and you think you have what it takes to put up a good business in the food industry, you can start with a small catering business to test the waters. But of course if you have limited funds and want to venture into a small business, a small catering business can also be a good choice as well.

American Sports Fans Provide Great Business Opportunities for Restaurant Owners

Americans are notoriously big sports fans of both college games and professional games of nearly any competition. For some reason, it seems that a healthy competitive spirit is just valued much more in the United States than in many other places in the world. Many Americans are die-hard fans that never miss a game that their favorite team plays. What many restaurant owners don't realize is that all of that dedication that fans have creates a great opportunity for restaurant owners to benefit from.

Food Poisoning in Restaurants

Bacteria, toxins, viruses, and parasites can all be transmitted through edible products. For this reason, anyone who handles food professionally - including all restaurant employees - needs to be educated about safety and act carefully.
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