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Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2

14 luglio 2011 Monta i recenti processori Intel Core i5-2557M (1.7GHz) Ultra Low Voltage con vPro e grafica Intel HD 3000 per migliorate capacità multimediali: in pratica vanta prestazioni quadruple rispetto al predecessore CF-H1. Lo schermo touch da 10,1 pollici è dotato di tecnologia Panasonic Transflective Plus.


Do You Fear Facing the Things You Fear? What Can I Do About It?

Many people experience fear from time to time. However, for some, their lives have been overtaken by fear and it is those people I want to appeal to, as well as any one else who has or does suffer with fear. I explain the fundamental process of dealing with this problem.

Are You Prepared to Risk Jumping Into A Bigger Pond in Life?

Living life in a mediocre fashion is a choice we all have. I personally recommend living life to the full, and know it is a better option, for so much more enjoyment and fulfillment. After all, we only have one life, so let's go for it to the maximum!

What Is One Key Ingredient in the Formula to Achieve More in Life?

Achieving more in life is important to improve your situation as well as improve confidence and create success. I believe there is a fundamental ingredient in this process which I discuss in this article.

Life and Goals - How Can I Make This Work For Me?

In life, I have found that I am a lot more affective when I have specific goals to work towards. I am sure the same can apply to you by following these principles. I expand on these principles in this article.

Plan To Achieve For Yourself

How To Change Your Life By Increasing Your Confidence

Lack of confidence may be what's stopping you living the life you really want to have. Here are two powerful ways that you can easily implement in order to become more confident and thus make more changes in your life. If there is something you would like to do or achieve yet you feel nervous about actually taking the necessary steps that you have to take without further delay in order to move towards reaching that goal then you could experiment with using affirmations and discover the power they have to increase your confidence and with that your...

If You Can't Break a Habit, Change It

There are so may things that you do automatically without thinking about whether or not you still need to be doing them. A habit becomes part of who you are as a person.

Making the Most of It - Dealing With Difficult Situations

Life can be a difficult situation, life can also be an easy situation. It is always for certain that it is always a situation to make the most of.

How to Deal With Change - Change Is Inevitable

Everything must change. The only thing which is certain is change. However much you want to keep things the same there will always be factors which change the status quo. So if change is inevitable how can you deal with it?
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