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Anger Management

Why Anger Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Of the many things that affect your daily routine, your attitude towards yourself and your environment is what most shapes how your day goes. If you are angry, you cause a bunch of side effects that affect not only yourself, but can affect the world around you as well.

Overcoming Anger, Violence and Absurd Behavior

Your behavior is reflected in dream images and scenes so that you may analyze it from a certain distance, like an observer. For example, all the people who appear in your dreams represent parts of your own personality that have the same characteristics of the people you see. This way, you observe your own absurd behavior in someone else. This effective dream tool enables you to empirically criticize your own behavior, instead of feeling irritated for verifying that you are absurd. Dream symbols like the bees, which represent anger, will warn you before you lose your mind.

Controlling Your Temper So it Doesn't Control You

Too often we let feelings of anger take charge of our lives. It is time to learn to tame the anger and find peace and contentment for a happier life.

Challenge Yourself to Let Go of Anger

Are you slow to let go of anger? Lots of us are. Some people are fortunate enough to get angry and then get over it. Others hang on for a period of time. When we hang on to anger it tends to fester and we tend to get angrier before we let go. Why is it that this happens? Do you feel it is necessary to hold on to it? Is it a matter of righteous indignation? What is going on? Are there some ways to deal with anger so you don't need to hang on to it and roll it around in your mind?

Things to Avoid That Could Lead Us to Anger

Different things and circumstances in life can drive each of us to anger. This is usually dependent on the individual and their level of patience or tolerance. It is impossible to control all the factors in life that could lead us to anger however there are certain things that are at our disposal to help us avoid this state of existence.

How to Overcome the Six Stages of Anger

Perhaps it is fair to say that none of us can avoid anger. Whether we like it or not something is going to tick us off that may eventually spiral out of control and lead us to places we wish we had never ventured into. There are mainly two types of anger, the quick fire anger which reaches its peak in a matter of seconds and the slow burn which unravels itself in due time. Nevertheless for either type to succeed, anger must go through several stages before it boils over into something more sinister.

5 Simple Anger Management Activities You Can Use to Begin to Control Your Anger

We all get angry from time to time. It's when we start to make a habit of being perpetually angry that we need to deal with it. Here are some easy anger management activities that can help you to control your angry bouts.

3 Easy Ways You Can Stop Blaming Others (Even When You Know Deep Down They're Wrong!)

It's kind of human nature to blame others. After all, you're perfect (honest!) so it must be everyone else who is to blame. But when it comes to this all the time, maybe it's time to stop blaming others. Here are some tips on how to do this.

The Key is to Manage Your Anger - 5 Important Anger Management Techniques

Are you a person who gets angry too soon? You have got to keep a tab on it, because you know the consequences of anger; I am sure you do not need any person to elaborate the consequences to you.

Anger Management - Strategies

Anger is a normal human emotion, or a defense technique to react in unpleasant situations. It becomes destructive and problematic when it turns to rage.
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