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How to Gain Confidence and Increase Your Success

Learning how to gain confidence is something everybody can benefit from in various aspects of their life! The challenge is that many are reluctant to even engage in certain pursuits because they lack confidence in their own abilities! Read more to discover a simple 3 step process only you can initiate which will give you the experience you need to become more self confident!

Changing Negative Thought Patterns - Simple Things That Help

Changing negative thought patterns is one of the many things that people want to do to be able to cultivate positive attitudes that can bring you to success and to help you have that motivation to reach for your goals and objectives. However, like bad habits, negative thoughts can be difficult and challenging to overcome and change.

Having a NLP Coach Gets You to the Achievement of Excellence Faster

Coaches are coaches, right? WRONG! Coaches come from all sorts of training and some have had not training at all. When you choose a coach it is similar to choosing a medical practitioner. You need to check into their background and techniques to be sure they are what you want and to be sure they are right for you and your circumstances. Do your due diligence and you will become educated about what you can get with different coaches.

How to Be a Good Mentor or Coach - Ways to Encourage Clients

Being a good mentor or coach involves developing skills which allow the client to fins and take action so that they achieve their goals and live a more rewarding life. A client will seek guidance from a coach or mentor if they feel stuck and unable to progress towards what they want to do, or are unable to make a decision for change when it seems easier to be unhappy in a life they know rather than happier in the unknown if they choose to change.

On Being a Coach

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a personal or business coach; to work with the messy areas of people's lives and businesses? Of, course, like any profession, there are positives and negatives pros and cons to coaching as a career.

Think You Don't Need A Coach? Here's What You Are Missing

Coaching is hot right now. Are you on the bandwagon? Lots of people think they have no need of a coach, but I have found that there are plenty of people who could really benefit from coaching if they only knew what it was all about. Most of us go through life's ups and downs by muddling through, getting stuck in places, making mistakes and learning from them and moving on. Some of us are happy with our lives and some of us aren't. Most of us don't know that our lives could be much better than they are and that there is help readily available in the form of coaching.

5 Skills Needed to Become a Successful Life Coach

Many people undergo coaching training yet only some who could be defined as successful (though that might depend on your own definition of 'success'). What are 5 skills need to become a successful life coach?

The Power of Group Coaching

Groups are powerful. They can educate, influence, support and encourage. Conversely, they can coerce, punish, impose and correct. With the right leader or facilitator a group can be one of the best experiences of your life.

Coaching Skills for Student Services Professionals

Do you work with students in some capacity? Are you finding that advising and counseling them is not leading to their accepting responsibility and being accountable? If so, you and your students could probably benefit form you learning some basic coaching skills.

How to Improve on Your Coaching Skills

Coaching is a way of enabling people to find their own solutions to their challenges and so it's always useful improve your coaching skills and use them as much as possible. As a doctor you may need to be prescriptive at certain times, yet there are instances when you could use coaching skills rather than just telling the patient what to do. When someone is involved in the decision making process then there is likely to be greater compliance with the part of the procedure or treatment about which they have less choice.
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